How To Care For Your Framed Art Prints At Home

Framed art prints are an elegant way to display notable art pieces on the walls of your home. They do not only add aesthetics to your home but also set the vibe thereon. Regardless of the price, these pieces of artwork need to be maintained properly to preserve their value.

Caring for your framed art prints is not limited to picking the right frame, but also requires special care to maintain the quality for a time. Despite the fancy looks of the materials used for making art prints like those found in art shops like Fine Art America, they are prone to wrinkle, tear, or bend if not handled well. 

To ensure that your framed art prints are in their best condition, the following tips might be of great importance:

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  1. Keep Off From Direct Sunlight 

When thinking of a place to hang your framed art prints, you must select a spot in your house where beams of sunlight do not directly pass through. Ultra-violet (UV) rays are a great contributor to the color fading of art prints.  

UV light may also cause the materials used (canvas or paper) in prints to become brittle over time.   

Keeping your framed art away from direct sunlight assures you that the quality will remain in a decent amount of time.  

  1. Avoid Exposing Artworks To Frequent Temperature Changes 

Apart from direct sunlight, you have to consider the temperature and humidity of the area where you hang your framed prints. Frequent temperature changes may lead to the expansion and contraction of the materials, thereby causing a rippling effect to prints that are not glazed or surface mounted.

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Places such as unfinished basements, bathrooms, and kitchens (where moisture build-up and smoke emissions are common) can be ruled out when thinking of where to hang your framed art prints.  

  1. Dust Instead Of Rubbing 

Over time, art prints tend to collect dust and cobwebs, just like any other item in your home. Dusting it is highly recommended to remove the accumulated dirt. To preserve the quality of the artwork, using a soft rag or a soft brush is essential.  

Rubbing with fingernails or using water to remove dirt can scratch the print material hence damaging the art. Instead, moving a damp cloth over the artwork in circles rather than pressing or rubbing can help remove dirt without destroying its quality.  

  1. Don’t Use Chemical Cleaners 

Dusting using damp clothing might seem ineffective to some hard-to-remove dirt which will force you to use chemical cleaners instead. Doing this can break the UV coating on your canvas or even strip away some ink from the art.   

In cases where stuck dirt can’t get off, you need to take your print to a professional cleaner to handle it for you. Through this, your framed art prints would maintain their shine rather than get damaged.  

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  1. Do A Regular Check-Up

Framed art prints ought to be inspected for damages and worn every few years. The frames might have scratches, or the picture wire might need some adjustments. Regular inspection facilitates for checking of crimping, tears, acid burns, dry mounting, and mildew.  

This would be an attempt to minimize the irreversible damages by improper framing, cleaning, storing, or moving the art prints.  

If you believe your art prints need new frames, you can look for online framing services and buy new ones. 

  1. Store With Acid-free Paper

If you’re moving to a new house, ensure that they are kept in storage that will not damage its quality. One thing to do is wrap them in acid-free papers that will help maintain the color of the prints.   

As you know, the acidic properties may cause canvas prints to turn yellow over time. Using acid-free paper or material would also protect the print surface from getting scratches.  

  1. Never Stack And Cover In Storage 

While in storage, avoid laying them next to or on top of each other. Instead, keep them separate. For paintings that need storage over longer periods, it’s crucial that you lay them on a flat surface to avoid damage.  

It’s also essential to cover your art prints with a clean cloth to minimize dust and dirt build-up on them.

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Framed art prints can enhance your walls by giving a unique vibe to them. To maintain their quality, these prints need a lot of care. You can do simple steps by keeping them away from direct sunlight and frequent temperature changes, dusting instead of rubbing, avoiding chemical cleaners, constant inspection, storing with acid-free paper, and avoiding stacking in storage, among others.

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