How to Create the Perfect Nursery

Setting up a nursery for your baby can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you don’t have experience in such things. But designing your baby’s room is a wonderful way to celebrate the upcoming event and a great project for channeling all your energy and excitement because there isn’t any other room more special like this one and we’re sure that the final result will be worth the effort. Your new little one have to come into a beautiful, relaxing, cozy and most of all safety environment because he or she will be spending a lot of time in it. Whether you’re planning to go all out or you’re putting together your nursery on a budget, it’s important to know that you don’t have to over stuff it, so the more simple  and practical you keep it, the better.

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New extravagant options come up every year and sometimes we have so many ideas to put in practice that we don’t know where to start and where to end to not miss something.  At least one thing is sure: babies grow fast, so if you don’t want to redecorate the nursery constantly because it gets expensive, think about the big picture and design a space that works for a long period. Here we give you some tips and advice to help you create a perfect nursery.

  •  Color Schemes: today things have change in terms of using colors and traditional blue nurseries for example are not anymore just for baby boys. You can try whatever unexpected color combination you want as long as you keep in mind the great influence they have on our psychological level, and a baby’s room should not be an exception of the rule. Moreover, the colors you will use in designing the nursery it depends a lot on your taste and style and of course if your baby is a girl or a boy. If you like to make bright color combinations, note that the design experts suggest not to use too much bold color such as red, orange, bright yellow,  because can stress baby out. In this case you can opt for their lighter and creamy shades.

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On the other side, if you decided to set up the room and you don’t know  the baby’s sex yet, neutral shades like beige with a rug and toys as splashes of bold color can be a good choice. Do you want something trendy today? Combine chocolate brown and ice blue for a boy’s room and chocolate and pink for girls, or another lovely choices might be: gray and blue or gray and pink. An inexpensive option to paint is to decorate with an attractive wallpaper that fits with the nursery decor. Knowing the fact that babies spending lot of time looking up, you may keep them entertained for example with some stars-shaped fluorescent stickers on the ceiling. The most important thing to know is that it’s recommended to finish wallpapering and painting at least eight weeks before the baby’s arrival and aerate very well the room.

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2. Furniture: Before purchasing any furniture, you should consider the size of your room, the amount of money that you have to spend, the style you want to be and the color palette you’ve chosen before. Another important criteria in choosing nursery furniture is to be practical and safe. Although furniture can get very expensive, you have to decide what is really important and you really need. Once you make a list, you’ll discover that what is absolutely necessary to have a crib, a dresser or any type of storage place you want for all their little clothes, shoes, bedding, diapers, toys and baby gear, a changing pad that might be ideally placed on top of the dresser to save space.

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Don’t forget somewhere for you to sit like a comfy rocking chair with a foot rest for those late nights and early mornings or if the room is spacious, you can use a daybed, which is an unconventional furniture item for the baby’s room but it will turn to be very useful in the long run. You can buy nursery furniture separately or in sets depending on your budget and the design style you want to achieve. Think outside the box and mix items from different furniture sets  in a way that makes sense to you. An important aspect referring to furniture is its placement. Plan the decor in such a manner to avoid placing the crib near the window where might receive direct sunlight during the day or a streetlight all night. Any heavy furniture should be anchored to the wall, so it won’t fall over if it’s accidentally bumped.

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  • Lighting: A special attention should also receive the lighting, most of the times for you than for the baby. You have to make sure is flexible because sometimes you want to be bright and other times to be soft. In order to create a soothing environment for them during the day for the nap time, consider buying some curtains in dark shades.
  • Surfaces: Use wood or cork floor or area rugs rather than wall-to-wall carpet if you can because they don’t harbor as much allergy-inducing dust and are easier to clean. The rugs must be secure to the floor with double-side tape not to slip while baby’s in your arms while providing a soft place for floor play.You’ll find in stores a great variety of rugs with all sort of themes and colors that match any style.
  • Accessories: Nurseries can be accessorized with theotically any item that strikes your fancy. Anything that you imagine, love and find interesting and personal you may put into your nursery: cheerful bedding, pillows, colorful pictures and family photos to the walls, a delightful mirror perhaps, a lovely wastebasket to take care of the trash in a stylish way, etc.

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All in all, remember that is no rulebook when it come to create and decorate your nursery. Have fun when decorating and keep in mind that the most important aspect overall is that trying to keep the room simple and organized helps you feel less chaotic after a long night of a crying baby.


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