Living Room Paint Ideas

Do you consider renovate your home and you don’t have any living room paint ideas? We’re convinced that it’s hard to choose from so many colors and shades available on market some good and delightful combinations that highlight the rest of the decor, create the mood you want and define as well your personal style.


In a previous article How to Choose Colors for a Bedroom you found some beautiful bedroom paint ideas with colors that are indicated to be used in a room where you sleep or relax after a long hard day. We say indicated colors, because as you all know colors are very important in interior design as well as in fashion and certain colors are good to use in bedrom and bathroom, others in living rooms or kitchen and so on. If you like to know more about how the colors influence our life and mood, have a look at The Psychology of Color for Interior Design and you have there some colors ideas for living room too.

Whether your personal style tends to be more conservative or on the contrary, you like to keep up with trends, find out that both white and neutrals as well as bolder colors are fashionable whatever room you want to paint these days. Integrating a specific color combination that you love from a color scheme to obtain spectacular effects for your living room whatever your design style is, can be challenging without a professional help, but not impossible. If you are on a buget, you still can create a living room that is welcoming and comfortable by considering the following lines.


Tips to use paint colors for living room:

  • If you want to achieve a stylish look, it should always be a balance between the wall colors and the other colors in the room like furnishings, rugs, floor and accessories. The colors have to be complementary one to another in terms of the painting colors as well as for the overall design.
  • If the ’s colors of rest of the living room are already bold and bright, use white and neutrals (beige, cream) or one lighter shade of that colors to paint the walls. In this way, you won’t overstate and create a beautiful contrast.
  • On the contrary, if colors of rest of the living room are neutrals or white are predominant, that you’re free to choose any color that cheer the room and you love from your walls that match for example with accessories. Keep in mind that is best to use no more than two shades.
  • Another option that we love mostly is to have accent walls. This means having one or maximum two walls painted in another color than the rest ones. In most of the cases, the accent walls have bold and brighter colors and the other walls are white or a very light shade of the same color. This option gives you the possibility to use a bold color that it’s finded in your living room’s decor on the wall too.
  • Paint colors for living room should uplift, bring out hapiness, give energy and create harmony and balance. It’s recomended to use red, purple, yellow, orange, green, grey in different combinations and also earth tones that blend in nicely with just about everything.
  • If your living room is small, take into consideration that brighter and darker shades of paint make your living room even smaller, so in this case it’s best to use lighter shades, white or neutrals to create the illusion of a larger and airy space. They also  make small pieces, like lamps and tables, look bigger. Here you have some beautiful living room paint ideas pictures to find some inspiration and start experimenting.










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