How to Decorate a Bathroom on a Budget

How to decorate a bathroom on a budget may not be the most pleasant thought to start with in a design project, but there are always practical and ingenious solutions to get our bathrooms looking amazing without spending a fortune. We don’t have to think that only buying very expensive items you’ll create a huge impact; many times simple and small changes can make a real difference and turn our bathroom experience into something very enjoyable. A well-designed bathroom will always add beauty, style and will increase the property value of the house as well.


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  • Planning. Whether big or small, any design project should rely on a good plan before putting your money in it, especially a project with budget constraints. You should be more specific here and prioritize the things you need and make a list with the most important ones and the least significant. Doing so, you’ll be able to know what you can leave. So before starting, it’s very important to note down what your budget is, what you want or need to change in the bathroom and after that, do some important researches regarding prices, models, trends, ideas if you don’t have the help of a designer makeover. Some items you already have in your bathroom may be reused by applying another new painting coat or transforming in something with other purpose, so don’t throw everything and this trick will help you save money for other things.
  • Declutter and clean. A total cleaning bath is necessary because they tend to accumulate clutter over time. Everything that is not permanently fixed to the wall must be removed. Put on rubber gloves and clean the bathroom with super-effective products, if possible eco-friendly ones. Remove and renew the silicone sealant around the sink and shower area if this is necessary. You’ll see how large will appear your bathroom after you’ll do this, feeling like a new room. If you have in plan to change its direction, this thing will involve changing the pipes and will raise the cost of your project. Thus, you can modify only items that are not connected to pipes.
  • Style. In this chapter, everything is based on personal taste and wishes of course, but you may consider timeless designs if you don’t want something specific. Modern style, for example, doesn’t have to be out of date at a certain time. It always give you the feeling of cleanliness and comfort, so it’s a good option.


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  • Color palette. The most popular tip nowadays when decorating a room is the use of colors. Why? Because if you know how to use them, the success of your project is guaranteed. Light colors are best known to open up the space, making the room feel more inviting and refreshing, while darker colors make the bathroom feel smaller than usually. Yet  you can still use bold and dark hues in the bathroom, but mainly for decorations or highlights, not in larger areas like walls.
  • Quality materials. No matter what you’ve proposed to add and replace in the bathroom like tiles, flooring, fittings, lighting, accessories, try to buy only good quality products as this will help you in long run and their maintenance is lower, so you’ll save money too. For example, you can opt for simple chrome fixtures instead of other expensive materials. They look quite elegant and have a strong impact. For safety reasons and to not have problems with them in the future as well, it’s better to call a professional to install them. One of the focal points is the vanity, which can cost a lot of money, but a creative solution may be to visit antique shops and look for a piece of furniture that can be refinished to fit in your bathroom.


Photo © The Design Studio; Eugénia Au Kim, I.I.D.A

  • Lighting. Natural light is very important in a bathroom, that’s why bathrooms should have a window in the direction from where maximum light can come in. Unfortunately,  there are many cases where bathrooms (from apartments) don’t have windows, and therefore they benefit from natural light. In boh cases, buying good lights can have a huge effects on your bathroom’s design and your daily activities. Adequate lighting will instantly enhance the features of the bathroom fixtures and create the illusion of a larger space. An effective idea to maximize the space and light is to install a larger mirror along the length of the wall.


Photo © The Design Studio; Eugénia Au Kim, I.I.D.A

  • Storage. Make sure you find suitable storage solutions because even this aspect matters if your bathroom space isn’t spacious enough. Towels, toilet paper rolls, products, personal care products and other things should be properly stored to avoid spilling them on the floor. For instance, a all-mounted cabinet with different compartments is an ideal organization solution, or a full height slim shelving unit which along with their functional purpose, they can add visual interest too. If you have enough space, a corner furniture piece can add casual elegance and  warmth to your bathroom; just take an old bedside table if you have, repaint it and there you have a stand-alone storage unit.
  • Accessories. Bathroom accessories give exquisite design and ambiance to the room. Get shower curtains, bath rugs and everything you need in off season, when the demand is not so great. You’ll have it at lower cost. Remember that simple and stylish things have greater impact.


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