New Football Stadium of FC Bate in Belarus

With a poor infrastructure of football, Belarus seems to finally have a football stadium of international level, to fit for matches on group stages and playoffs of European cups in accordance with the criteria of UEFA. Currently under construction in the City of Borisov, Belarus, the new stadium of FC Bate is designed by the professional team from Ljubljana-based architect firm OFIS and as you can see from images, its impressive architecture will certainly become a dominant and powerful landmark.


Nestled in soft surrounding greenery, the stadium construction is made according with the existing intervention in the terrain and the natural advantages, maintaining the most of existing trees on the site. Thus, its approach is an environmental and used friendly one, where everyone has something to gain. With a total of 13, 000 seats, the new stadium of FC Bate has to be built as to obtain 4 stars according to UEFA categorization, have additional 3.000 m2 of public program and to also own external arrangements that provide separate access during matches and in everyday use, and quality traffic scheme. Its exterior architectural design have a distinctive modern character,  a unified rounded dome which give the feeling of a single enclosed object and, although it’s a middle size stadium, its structure looks quite impressive and very large.


Internally, the rounded arena will ensure an extroversive atmosphere and good acoustics during the games. It will have a N-S orientation playing surface with enough space for the installation of the cameras, photographers and advertising screens. The playground is surrounded by 17 rows along the long sides and of 27-28 rows along the short sides, with a east upper gallery for VIPs and west one for the press. Extra program and service facilities will occupy 4 floors under the west stand area, while under the east 3 floors.

A naturally ventilated area, the foyer for visitors will have 4 accesses by stairway and will be found on the first floor level. Here visitors will have toilets, bars with drinks and snacks, a first-aid room and detention. There is a restaurant for VIPs and a bowling area in the eastern part of the stadium, whlist the southern part features gym and public fitness studios. The new stadium will include around 800 parking spaces and into the existinf forest area there will be parking pockets to be used for carting, skating, rollerblading, etc. So, what do you think about this stadium in Belarus?






Photos © OFIS

Project details:

Project team: Rok Oman, Spela Videcnik, Konstantine Bogoslavsky, Katja Aljaz, Janja Del Linz, Janez Martincic, Andrej Gregorič, Ana Kosi, Ieva Cicenaite, Grzegorz Ostrowski
Client: PC Bate and Government of Belarus
Location: Borisov, Belarus republic
Date: 2009-2014
Status: under construction
Type: Football stadium with public program
Budget: 20 mio EUR / football facilities, 30-35 mio EUR including public program and offices
Area: 32,000 m2
Max. Height: 24 m
Seats: 12.896 seats for audience, 620 VIP seats, 100 Press seats, 800 Parking spaces
Structure: metal, reinforced concrete
Roof structure: Metal beams with metal aluminium cladding
Exterior Finish: metal, polished concrete, glass walls


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