How to decorate your house like a pro even on a budget

A mistake a lot of people make is thinking or assuming that they need an indoor architect to achieve an amazing-looking space.

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However, it has proven to be very tricky to create this whilst being on a budget. Here, we will give you some tips and things that might help you in this. As said, it can be tricky to decor your place on a budget, but not impossible. 

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The furniture chain Ikea from Sweden has changed the game for many people on a budget for example, however Ikea is also known to sell high end stuff. First, you might want to think about a certain style of decor you like. If you want to go bold and outspoken, a style like Nordic or Scandinavian might work. In contrast if you like a more introverted and clutter free look you might want to opt for a minimalist style. Other people also like a more vintage timeless look. 

If you don’t really know what kind of style you want to go for, a good place to start is a platform like Pinterest. It’s estimated that about 70% of all the content on pinterest is home decor related, the rest filled with lifestyle and cooking. So the chances of finding something you love on pinterest is quite high. With a user base of 440 Million, there is tons and tons of home decor content. 

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Now, you got the style you want to go for. With this in mind, you can start decorating your place/room/house. It’s important to know that in home decor things are very individual, there is no one size fits all here. So if you see an example online you might at first start exactly copying that but you’ll soon realise that it might not be as functional as you want it to be or as good looking as you thought. And this is completely fine. Switch things around, tweak them and turn them around how you want to. 

With the things we touched on earlier in mind, use the next tips to create that space that you are looking for. 

Buy things second hand

In the US alone, about 36 million people each year buy things used or second-hand. 

The second-hand market is predicted to grow about 30% this year again. 

Most of the people use platforms like Ebay or Facebook Marketplace for their purchases. 

Of course, don’t miss out on local markets or local second-hand gatherings as the real hidden gems mostly get found in places like these. 

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Fill in the blank space

For whatever style you are going for, everyone tends to make the mistake of leaving the wall empty and cold. It’s something most of us are guilty of. It’s easy to discard walls or pillars as lost space or lost opportunity for decorating but actually these are the ones that most of the decor takes place. 

Good ways to fill in walls or pillars are art, posters or pictures. Do take care when doing this since it is extremely easy to overdo it before you know it. Putting down too many posters or paintings strain or eyes more and make a space feel busy or cluttered. And when you are going for a minimalistic approach you definitely don’t want that. In general, you should try to avoid this unless you are making some kind of gallery room.

Also make sure the quality of what you hang on your wall is of the highest. If you hang something on your wall or something on eye level it sends an unconscious message to people to come and take a look. People will get up close and inspect it like no other!

So make sure you are buying art and posters of good quality. Where you do that is your business, but popular places like Ikea have amazing stuff or buy posters online.

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Personalise stuff 

Personalising art or posters in your room automatically make the value and quality of that item far greater. When you walk into someone’s place and you see personalised black and white posters on the wall or personalised art. You automatically think; “these people love and value their family a lot , that is wholesome” also perhaps you might think “they really took their time making and personalising their decor, they know what they are doing” 

Little things like these add up and ultimately determine how a room feels or looks. 

If you have the idea that everything needs to be 100% aesthetic, then you might find that it’s not what you are looking for in the big picture.


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