How to Easily Turn Your Shed into a Hobby Room 

If you’re a DIY enthusiast and have more hobbies than you can count, having a hobby room is a good idea. Our indoor space isn’t always the best place to carry out our DIY projects. 

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Most of us need a more secluded place to bring our imaginations to life, but this dream is cut short since there’s no extra room in our homes. Here’s where an outdoor shed kit comes in handy.

Sheds aren’t only meant for storing household junk; you can make your dream hobby room out of a shed. Here’s a guide on easily turning your outdoor shed into a hobby room.

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Clean Your Shed

The first step to renovating your shed into a hobby room is cleaning it thoroughly. Bring all properties that are inside the shed and sweep it. Use a dishwasher and warm water to wash the floor using a broom. 

Remove all spider nests and cobwebs from the walls. Fill all holes, repair all leakages and get rid of pests. 

If your shed is wooden, consider treating it with chemicals to help eliminate a termite infestation and rotting. 

Select a Theme that Blends with Your Hobby

Before you start moving in your hobby equipment, settle on an interior design that complements your hobby. If you’re using your hobby room for painting and drawing, consider choosing a mixture of different colors and hanging frames from your previous projects. 

If you’re using the hobby room as a home movie theater or game room, consider going for a dark painting with window blinds and thick dark curtains. 

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Make The Shed Inhabitable

Most outdoor sheds have a thick and sturdy structure that’s not fit for humans to spend a long time inside. This is because sheds lack the essential features that will keep you comfortable. 

Therefore, if you’re planning on spending a lot of time in your shed hobby room, you’ve to install those features that will make it homier. 

First, install insulation so you can stay comfortable year-round without exposure to harsh elements. Secondly, since sheds are usually located in the backyard close to bushes, they’re prone to pests and rodents attack. To prevent that, consider sealing up the shed. Failure to do that will have you frustrated over damages caused by these little animals. 

Install a Durable and Easy to Clean Flooring 

You’ll need to install durable flooring to give your shed hobby room a complete look. Since sheds are directly linked to the outdoors, consider using hard flooring that won’t easily break or leak. 

Since you’ll be having frequent trips to your home and back to your hobby room, consider installing easy-to-clean flooring that doesn’t stain. 

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However, if you intend to purchase a new shed for your hobby room remodeling, go for a design that comes with durable, modernized, and easy-to-clean flooring. This will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Install Windows and Vents

One thing that most garden sheds lack is adequate windows and ventilation. This is because large windows aren’t necessary if you’re using your shed for storage purposes. However, since you’re now turning the shed into a hobby room, you need adequate natural lighting and ventilation. 

Consider going for glass sliding doors and windows if your budget isn’t right. They’ll give your shed an aesthetically pleasing look while allowing extra ventilation into your hobby room.

When installing windows, make sure they’re placed in the right location. For example, a window right above your workspace will provide sufficient lighting when you’re working. But windows directly facing your television or computer will cause light to be reflected. 

Add Electricity

Electricity is a necessity irrespective of what’s your hobby. If you’re sewing, your machine and glue gun will need electricity. You’ll need light, fans, air conditioning, and even knitting or painting during summer. Let’s not talk about if you’re making a game room or a movie theater. Therefore, there’s a high chance you’ll need electricity in your shed hobby room. 

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You can add light to your shed by hiring an electrician to extend your indoor electrical service to the shed. However, this usually costs a lot. That’s why most crafters shun away from it. 

If you only need a lighting source, you can use self-contained solar panels to power the shed. All you’ve to do is get durable batteries and enough panels to suit your needs. Using solar power instead of electricity is cost-efficient to light your shed. 

Invest in Shelves and Storage Units

You need to keep your hobby room as decluttered as possible. A good way of doing this is by installing open shelves and closets to store your project items.

If you’re setting up a crafts room, you’ll need shelves to keep your yarn and other materials you need handily. If you’re making a mini library, you’ll need to install the books you’ve purchased and the ones you own in the future. 

However, if your shed isn’t spacious enough to accommodate shelves, you can buy a rolling shelf that serves as a table and a storage unit. 

Choose a Workspace Zone

You’ll surely need a specified area to serve as your work zone. If you’re into painting, you’ll need a desk and an easel close to a window or a place with adequate light. You’ll need a computer desk if you’re turning your shed into filmmaking. 

How you set your work zone depends on your hobby and your preference. Just make sure you don’t place too many things around your workspace and avoid anything that will cause distraction. 

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Bottom Line

Finish your shed hobby room by installing light fixtures to fit your theme. Also, paint your walls with amazing colors. This doesn’t only give life to your shed hobby room but also hides stains and prevents the growth of mildew. 

If you love it private, install window blinds to shield yourself from intruders and reduce exposure to UV rays. Then get ready to start bringing your imaginations into life in your beautiful hobby room.


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