How to Design the Ultimate Patio Escape for Your Yard

Do you feel as though you aren’t currently using your backyard to its full potential? Would you like to transform it into a more useable space meant for relaxing and entertaining?

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If so, a patio can be the perfect solution as it will act as the anchor to that designated entertainment or dining space in your yard. But before you forge ahead with your backyard patio plans, here are some tips on how to design the perfect escape.

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Go as Big as the Space and Budget Allows

The first tip has to do with the size of the patio. While you may not think you need a lot of space, the fact is that you will always find a way to use it up. You don’t want to regret going too small with the design, so experts tend to recommend you go as big as the space in your yard and your budget allows. Remember, you can also play around with different shapes to help give you more space. Not every patio has to be a standard square or rectangle shape.

Choose a Customizable Material

Another tip is to choose a patio material that you can customize to your liking. One of the best options for homeowners that want a luxe design is a custom concrete patio as you can get really creative where the shape and size are concerned, as well as the finish. Concrete allows you to choose from a smooth surface, an exposed-aggregate for interest, or a non-slip broomed finish. You may even want to play around with a couple of finishes and create a border. The end result will elevate your patio design and make it feel much more unique.

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How Will the Patio Be Used?

You also want to consider how you plan to use the patio, as this will determine the type of furniture you buy and even the décor. If, for example, you want it strictly for outdoor dining, then you want to start shopping around for furniture that will fit the space and design concept. Furniture should never be an after-thought, rather it should play a role in the design process.

Add a Touch of Nature to the Design

To help make the patio feel more inviting and blend with the rest of the backyard, you’ll want to add a touch of nature to the design. Ideally, this is done with greenery/plants. Whether you include built-in planter boxes in the design, a garden that surrounds the patio itself, or even oversized planters that you can place strategically on the patio, each of these will bring a touch of nature to the space.

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Install Lighting to Extend Its Use

If you want to be able to use the patio during the evening hours, you will also need to consider outdoor lighting. There are plenty of fabulous and stylish outdoor lighting options that will not only illuminate the patio, but create ambiance and even add to the overall design. You can use such things as rope lighting, string lighting, standing lamps, garden lights, and so forth.

The end result of all your careful planning will be a beautiful patio that you enjoy using.


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