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Are you new to Instagram and want to know how you can grow your follower base relatively quickly? Have you had an Instagram account for a while now but seem to have hit a bump in the rod and aren’t gaining any new followers anymore?

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One of the most popular social media platforms these days is Instagram. This photo and video sharing app have been around since the early 2010s and has since them managed to amass over 1 billion active monthly users making it one of the biggest social media platforms around.

Instagram is known to be widely used in the business industry as it offers so many different benefits. However, the one thing that can determine your success on the platform is your follower count, and everyone one seems to be racing to get as many followers as possible. If you want to know how to get more followers, or if you are new and are struggling, then here are a few tips.

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Use hashtags

One of the most popular tools that just about every social media platform has to offer its users is hashtags, however, so many people don’t actually know how to use them effectively if they are trying to grow their account. Essentially, hashtags are keywords that you can include in the caption of your content which can then be searched by other users. When search for a hashtag, using will be met with every post that hash be posted making use of the hashtag.

Hashtags are a brilliant way to extend you reach to a much larger audience that is most likely interested in your content and falls part of your niche. Making use of hashtags is extremely simple when you know what you’re doing. You basically need to find the best hashtags that are related to your content and the easiest way is by using TaskAnt, a tool that helps you come up with hashtags by using their custom generator to help you grow your account. One thing when using hashtags is to make sure you don’t use more than 4 or 5 as this will come across as spammy and annoying.

Use influencers

As a platform with over a billion users, it comes with no surprise that some of them have managed to accumulate following of mullions upon millions of people and basically become the celebrities of Instagram. These are what we refer to as social media influencers. For these people, social media is their life and also their job, so helping to promote other businesses is a way that they make a bit of their income.

A great way for you to get more followers on Instagram is by making use of an influencer and taking advantage of the fact that they have a massive audience that will most likely follow you if they hear good things about your brand from the influencer. This is a great way to extend your reach to a massive audience without too much work form your side. Just keep in mid that this kind of work can end up being a bit pricey.

Be real

Even though Instagram is all about the aesthetics and being superficial, people still like to see authenticity and realness. A great way to bring your audience in closer and hold their attention for longer is to show them that you are not just a perfect person with a perfect lifestyle, and to les them get up close and personal, but posting things like behind the scenes videos, or meet the team posts, or even just explaining how you make something. This allows for people to see the real you and make a mor personable connection.

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Use all posting methods

Instagram started out as just a platform where you could post picture to your timeline for people to see and that was all. Since then, Instagram has introduced so many new in creative features to their platform that make it so much more interesting. You can now post both pictures and videos to you feed, but also to your stories, to reels, and even film live videos.

As a business on Instagram, you should take advantage of all of these different features as this is a great way to push your content to as many people as possible.


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