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How to eliminate pantry pests

The pantry pests list is quite long – ants, beetles, weevils, earwigs, and pillbugs are the most type of pantry pests, and the leader of them all is the merchant grain beetle and the Indian meal moth. 

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Pests in the pantry can be party spoilers and disrupt daily living, but most of these are not as threatening as many other pests that are sources of infections and diseases. Pests target food items strewn across the place while doing the daily chores and replenishing food items’ inventory. Pantry pests can multiply rapidly and pose so many nuisances that you would like to get rid of them at the soonest.  Remember that you must act fast or else the population will grow so much that it will be difficult to control.

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What attracts pantry pests?

Baking items like flour, nuts, dried food, chocolates, and more are the target of the critters that make the pantry their home. Although it may sound surprising, some of the decorating items like potpourri and dried flowers are the other places that the pests are fond of and choose these as their breeding grounds. It is ironic that merchant grain beetles keep away from grain products but love to attack macaroni, cake mixes, cookies, and chocolate. The list of lovable items of the Indianmeal moth is quite long and starts with grains, dried fruits, seeds, and nuts and includes dog food, birdseed, dried red peppers, candy, and powdered milk.

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Pest infestation peaking time

 Although pantry pests are present throughout the year, the holiday season is the peaking time. People are busy stocking their pantries with various grocery products, most of which are attractive for the pests. The critters are too much happy to celebrate the festive season almost as much as humans. Therefore, be careful when handling the pantry items and inspect them closely before ensuring that it is free from pests. It will help to carry out your holiday baking plans smoothly. It holds true even if you use a pest exterminator service that gets rid of pests once but cannot prevent their recurrence. 

Make your pantry pest-free

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To stop the nuisance of pest infestation in your pantry, call for pantry pest control in Miami, FL that can safely and effectively drive away from the pests. The pest control treatment exclusively targets pantry pests, and after the treatment, you will be happy to see your pantry free from pests. However, if you want to get rid of the pests without using chemicals, you must adopt the best practices to maintain a healthy pantry environment to prevent pests from invading the place.  

One way that pests find their way to your pantry is the purchase of food items containing the pests but escapes your attention. Since most of such things are packed in plastic or cardboard boxes and plastic boxes, these are most susceptible to pest infestation. Therefore, scrutinizing all food items at the time of purchase, especially for the expiry date, will prevent unwanted pests’ entry into your pantry.  For items already in your inventory, keep eliminating those that are past the expiry date. 

Proper storage of pantry items

Lack of awareness about the possibility of pest infestation is one reason why the critters could be crowding your pantry. Leaving containers open or not closing them properly will allow pests to crawl inside and remain hidden within the stored item. Using the right quality containers and closing them securely and promptly after use is one of the best ways to prevent pests from entering the containers. Whether you use glass or plastic containers, ensure that the lids fit tightly with a push-fit or screw fit. Moreover, closing containers soon after use would ensure that you leave nothing to chance.

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Take care of seasonal décor items

Indian corn, potpourri, and dried foliage used for decorating the home interior are some of the favorite haunts of pantry pests. You must be careful in using it so that the chances of pest attacks are minimal or absent. Since many of these items are for seasonal use, keep them in airtight containers during the off-season.  Before use, unpack it outside before displaying it indoors so that any adhering pests, if any, will not have any chance of clinging to the items and find their way inside the home.

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Maintain cleanliness

Keep the pantry clean by wiping away spills as soon as it occurs, keeping tables, floors, and other surfaces clean to prevent any food items from adhering to it. Dispose of garbage regularly in sealed receptacles. Clean the cupboards by cleaning periodically.

Detect cracks and holes through which pests can enter and seal these properly to stop the bugs from entering your home. It is one of the easiest and effective ways for containing pests in your home.


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