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The Most Popular Upgrades For A Custom South Florida Home

Building a home in Florida comes with a fantastic list of benefits. The beach, great food, and all-year-round sunshine. We know you would not want to see your home grow old and obsolete in a few years; that is why, home upgrades that add value are essential.

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Upgrades ensure that your home lasts and leaves an appeal to every visitor who comes knocking. Learn about the most common upgrades according to a Marco Island custom home builder in South Florida that will help enhance your home’s attractiveness and value.

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Kitchen Space Upgrades

Today, most residents of South Florida are going for large open space kitchens. The kitchen is where the heart of a home lies. Hence, a large kitchen is not just the one that allows your refrigerator to open without banging the oven.

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It should be spacious to accommodate cooking and clean up with enough storage and counter space. Gas cooktops, wine closets, double ovens, designer cabinets, and enormous islands with an eat-in feature are some of the most common kitchen upgrades in South Florida.

Outdoor Entertainment

South Florida’s tropical climate favors outdoor living all year-round. Thus, most homeowners spend their time in patios or lanai, enjoying the calm climate.

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With this in mind, you can consider having fireplaces, pools, or indoor and outdoor furnishings that help enjoy your home even more.

Informal Dining Areas

Formal dining spaces have taken a backseat in modern homes. Most Floridians embrace a casual lifestyle that does not include formal sit-down dinners. Instead, they opt for an all-purpose table close to the kitchen, spread out at the patio, or at a spacious island. Formal dining spaces, nonetheless, still live on just like home offices.

Bathroom Remodel

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Whether minor or significant, bathroom remodeling helps enrich the bathing experience. Gone are bathrooms that made you feel like shoehorned later. You can have your bathroom improved by installing a linen closet spacious enough to hold all towels, re-caulking the tub, replacing old doors with translucent glass, thus making the space feel bigger, or even repainting the walls. A bathroom upgrade will help your bathroom feel like a livable space rather than a necessary cave.

Additional Storage and Utility Rooms

spacious living room with couch and television
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Whether you have a mansion or a small-sized home, storage has always been an issue. It is one of the most demanded upgrade features by homeowners. Nobody wants to fold laundry in the garage. Adequate storage options in the form of organizers, pull-out-trash, built-in cabinets, and recycle bins will help you make your living space more comfortable. You can also suggest your preferences to Marco Island Custom Home Builder, who knows that an active lifestyle demands a reliable clean up area.

Ceiling Details

Rather than the traditional dull white paint and lonely fixtures, you can opt for adventurous ceiling designs. Wallpapers, molding, trim, hand-painted murals are just but a few of the options you can consider for your ceiling. Incorporating a false ceiling is a symbol of modernism and creativity. It is a lot more economical than having the entire ceiling remodeled. It plays a significant role in sound or acoustics absorption and also energy efficient.

Garage Door Replacement

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Replacing your inefficient or outdated garage door with a more practical modern option is a simple project but one that goes a long way in enhancing your home’s value. It also drastically enhances your home’s exterior appearance.

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Ensure you go for a garage door that complements the style and colors of your outdoor environment. Do not underrate the visual impact of having a door with windows.


It is essential not to neglect your backyard when thinking of an upgrade. South Florida’s outdoor living spaces are some of the most demanded home features. It is often a dream for most people to have a well-decorated backyard where they can have drinks or a barbecue with friends and family. Home renovation reality shows have seen most homeowners expecting the attention-grabbing additions they see on TV.

Exterior Lighting

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Illuminating a well-maintained lawn with extra outdoor lighting is eye-catching, especially during calm nights out. There are various options, including pendant lights, spotlights, and walkway lights. Exterior lighting is one of the most popular features because it also adds extra safety features. You can consider motion-sensing lights that turn on and off automatically whenever they detect movement.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors create a cleaner look and are much easier to maintain. They are gorgeous and classic. They are also more durable than carpeting, which has to be replaced every decade or so.

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Hardwood lasts a lifetime, and it only requires refinishing from time to time. If you are on a budget, consider buying engineered wood flooring, which is about 15% cheaper than hardwood flooring.

Landscape Upgrading

The landscape upgrade is a home improvement project that adds a lot of value to your home. It ought to be clean, natural, and well maintained. Make sure you look after your lawn, add a decorative concrete walk-path, use pebbles to reduce weeds, install water features, such as a fountain and plant some tropical plants as well. Avoid planting spikey or thorny plants in the front yard. They often do not send a welcoming message

Energy Efficiencies

Last but not least, South Floridians are looking to limit utility bills by upgrading windows and appliances. Past are the days whereby these features were considered anomalies.

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Homeowners today prefer energy efficiency. Energy-efficient windows reduce cooling or heating costs by 12%, whereas individual energy-saving appliances also reduce utility bills. Also, natural lighting is the best. Some windows are also weather-proof, strong, and stylish.

In Summary

Now you are up to date with the latest trends in popular upgrading options for South Florida, remember to stay budget-conscious, research widely, and take a deep breath before deciding what you want. If you have no clue where to start, you only need to consult. Ready to upgrade your home today? Find a Marco Island Custom Home Builder, and leave the experts to handle the rest of the stress.


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