How to Ensure Your Home is Secure When Going Away on Holiday

Going on holiday is supposed to be a pleasant experience, but you may not feel so great when you’re concerned about the security of your home while you’re gone. Employing some strategies can help to set your mind at ease and to keep your home protected.

  • Ask Someone to Visit and Watch


If the lights in your house aren’t on for a week or a stack of mail is piling up at the front door, it’s fairly obvious that you aren’t home. Make sure to ask a relative or friend to stop by to take in the mail and to make sure that everything is okay. You can also purchase timers for lights and televisions so that the home appears occupied.

  • Secure Your Windows and Doors

You might think that leaving a window cracked open will help to circulate fresh air through the house and to welcome you back to a cool property. However, this temptation is one that’s too enticing for unscrupulous people. Before you leave for the trip, ensure that all of the windows and doors are locked and entirely shut.

  • Install a Security System

A sign in front of your house can deter individuals when that signs lets them know that you have a security system. In the event that someone does try to break into your home, this system can scare the intruder off and alert the authorities. You can also procure a system that has other important features, such as monitoring for fire, smoke and carbon monoxide.

  • Put up Lights and Cameras

Protecting the perimeter of your home often involves motion-sensor lights and cameras. Criminals are generally looking for hidden spaces, and the presence of lights and cameras impedes upon that goal. A camera can also provide you with footage if an incident does happen. You could look into a camera system that allows you to monitor the house from your phone; this step is one you can take with the security system too.

  • Consult a Security Specialist

If you’re looking to enhancing your home security through CCTV, access control locks or the replacement of your window and door locks then you may want to consider hiring a specialist. Many don’t realise that home security surveys are often provided as part of locksmithing services, so consider contacting your local locksmith and asking about their role in home security.

  • Purchase Home Insurance

Having insurance for you house is important for a variety of reasons, one of which is providing you with assistance if a problem were to arise while you’re on holiday. Always check into to the exact pain to know what type of damage is covered.

Your holiday should be a time of relaxation. If you work to increase the security of your home, you can feel better while on the trip.

For further information and advice from professional locksmiths see: Ways to Secure Your Home When Going Away for Bank Holiday.


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