How to find a quiet generator

A generator is a very important item that people should have at home or in their office just in case they lose power. You see, there are times when the grid power just goes off without warning. In these times, one is likely to lose any work they were doing on their computers. The same case applies to people at home. Now, when you are shopping for a generator, you want to ensure that the model you buy is a quiet one. A quiet generator is good because it does not disturb you with engine noises as you work. So, what are some of the factors you need to consider when buying generators with low noise levels?

In this article, we shall discuss some of the things one can do to find a quiet generator for their use. Here are some tips to help you:

Generator vs. Inverter

You may be interested to note that modern generators are equipped with inverters that help handle sensitive loads from items such as mobile phones, devices, tablets, and other kinds of electronics that require sufficient protection from fluctuations of voltage. Therefore, when considering a quiet generator, the inverter generator could be a good choice.

What is the fuel capacity of the generator?

This is a very important aspect of the quiet generator that you need to consider. The amount of fuel the generator consumes per hour will determine its efficiency. How big is the fuel tank? For what purpose do you require the generator? Most of the quiet generator models are very efficient when it comes to fuel consumption. If you will be running the generator for long hours, then you have to ensure it has a bigger fuel tank. You do not want to keep adding fuel to the tank every few minutes or hours. If you want the generator as a backup for your grid power, then one with a small reservoir will be good for you and much cheaper too.

Consider the wattage of the quiet generator

This is another essential aspect of the generator one needs to consider. How many watts does it produce on its pick and is that enough for your needs? You need to calculate the power load that you have before you can choose a specific quiet generator. If your power needs are by far less than the generator wattage rating, then you will be misusing resources by buying such a generator. If you operate power tools, then a big generator would be good for you.

Decibel Level

The noise output of the generator is measured in decibels. As such, you should consider this factor when choosing a quiet generator. This will be abbreviated as dBA on your generator specifications. If you find a generator that has a decibel rating of 50 to 60 dBA, then this is fairly quiet and can be considered a good choice. When deciding the decibel level of the generator, you may have to consider the location where this generator will be used. This is because some places can accommodate higher noise levels than other areas.


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