How to get active followers on Instagram

Over the last few years, traditional marketing has become much less effective than it was in the past, and people are far less responsive to it now. A testament to this is that people absolutely despise advertising on YouTube, as it disrupts their entertainment. Marketing on social media is similar to this, as people now want organic marketing.

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This means that you probably need to change your approach to getting followers on Instagram, and if you are new to the platform then you might not know exactly what you should be doing. Luckily, with all the new possibilities that arise today, you can get Instagram followers by taking advantage of services such as that can guide you through the process of finding your real audience. The most important thing is to be able to recognize the opportunities at the right time. Here are a few other tips to help you get more active followers and to increase the growth of your account.

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Remember to use hashtags

One simple way to make sure that you are increasing your followers is to take advantage of a free resource that is available to everyone: hashtags. The use of hashtags with posts is often overlooked and undervalued, but they are an extremely effective way of reaching new audiences.

The biggest mistake people make is using hashtags incorrectly; using irrelevant hashtags that aren’t suitable for the post, or simply using the most popular hashtags in the hopes of getting the attention of as many people as possible.

When using hashtags, you have to carefully consider the impact it will have. Using extremely popular hashtags might bury your post under all other posts that use the same one, however, using a hashtag that isn’t popular at all might mean that your post only gets seen by a few people.

Engage with other users

Another free way to get more active followers for Instagram is by engaging with other people. Creating content and using appropriate hashtags will only improve your reach by a certain margin, but engaging with others will improve it even more.

This is because when you engage, you are getting your name out there and increasing the visibility of your account, which might lead to more followers if they like your content. Effective ways of doing this are by replying to comments on your post and liking posts by those users, replying to direct messages, commenting on other users’ posts, or even tagging users in your posts.

When commenting on others posts, make sure the comment is constructive at the very least, or entertaining, as this will get users who read your comment to check your profile.

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Create content that lasts

A simple tip to getting active followers is by creating content that lasts; in other words, content that is evergreen. This basically means that you should create content that is always relevant, easily shareable, relatable, and most importantly, won’t get old.

While it is important to follow the trends to stay relevant, and keep up to date with the newest ways of presenting content, there will come a time when that content is no longer usable in the sense that people would have seen it all before. By creating evergreen content, you are ensuring that regardless of when someone looks at your profile, they will see something that relates to them.

A few examples of evergreen content could be “how to” videos, historical information, art, and much more.

Use an influencer

If you are looking for something that will give you more instant results, then you could probably try using an influencer. A big benefit of using an influencer is that you will have many to choose from, as there are over 500,000 active influencers on Instagram alone, which means that irrespective of your niche, you will find someone that fits your style.

That is very important when using an influencer, since if you are a sports brand or account, you wouldn’t use an influencer who represents fast food for example, as that wouldn’t be your audience. You should keep the audience of the influencer in mind when selecting them, as well as asking to see the impact they have had on previous accounts after working with them.

Another important thing to consider is the size of the influencer. If you are a new account and don’t have much content, you probably would do best with using an influencer that has a smaller following. If you have a very specialized niche, then you would want an influencer with a large following to ensure you reach as many people as possible.

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