How to get an audience on Instagram

The main marker of popularity on Instagram is the blogger’s followers or live audience.

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It is no coincidence that mega-popular bloggers are called millionaires by the number of followers. How to get a lot of subscribers? You will find working ways to gain an audience on Instagram from scratch in this article.

Now you will find out whether it is possible to become popular without investing money, and also understand why you can safely buy Instagram followers and not think about risks.

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How to get an audience? Define it!

If you are going to seriously promote your account, then first of all you need to determine the target audience. 

So here are 3 steps to help you:

  • Choose a topic for your profile and set it in the description.
  • Think about what age, gender, and lifestyle people will be interested in your blog.
  • Create an average portrait of your potential subscriber.

Even if you want to choose an easy way to promote and buy real Instagram followers, you will need to set a filter. There you can specify which people you are interested in so as not to waste even a little money for nothing.

This way is good because in this case you do not have any risks. It does not require your active participation, as well as waiting time. Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to this method.

Proper design is an important success factor

A cute avatar is not the most important thing in profile design. SMM marketers advise starting with a username. Your nickname must match the theme of the page. It’s great if you embed a keyword in it. The same key must be included in the login, which is displayed in the profile header.

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Instagram is a visual social network, so focus on beautiful photos and videos. Ideally, they should be taken by you, and not copied from Google. But just beautiful photos are not enough to attract subscribers. The picture should be supplemented with meaningful text in the best laws of syncretism.

When compiling a description, rely on data on the target audience to make the text relevant. Use all the features of the platform: publish stories, create boomerangs, post GIFs and shoot short videos. A variety of content will not let subscribers get bored on your page.

Conduct competitor analysis

Once you have defined your topic, find several similar successful blogs and analyze them by parameters:

  • How many followers do they have;
  • What type of content is popular;
  • How often posts are posted;
  • How is the interaction with the audience.

This method will help you understand where to go next in order to guarantee a live audience.


Most often, information on Instagram is searched for by hashtags. You have little chance of getting into the eyes of potential followers if you don’t use relevant hashtags. You can put up to 30 for each publication. It is optimal to write them in the comments, and not in the text field, so as not to focus on the fact that you are actively promoting your account.

You can see working hashtags from competitors, as well as search using special programs. It is also recommended deleting irrelevant hashtags a day after publication.

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Post at the right time

Prime time is a topical concept not only for television, but also for social networks. It denotes the time of maximum activity of the audience. For example, on weekdays it is 4-6 PM, on weekends 1-6 PM. If you post posts within these time frames, then the likelihood that most subscribers will see them increases significantly.

On your page, the time of user activity may vary. To determine your personal prime time, you can use special statistics analysis programs.

Publish in thematic profiles

On Instagram, there are thematic accounts in which different bloggers are published. This is a great way to grab the attention of users. A hashtag search will help you find blogs like this in your niche. Subscribe to such a profile and submit your post for publication, remembering to put their unique hashtags. The main condition is that your profile should not be completely empty, otherwise you are unlikely to be published.


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