How to heat your home stylishly

As time passes, the ways in which we heat our homes changes to suit new styles and functions. From fires in every room – if you could afford it – to central heating that emanates from the clunky radiator in the corner of your room.

Yet, soon style begins to preside over functionality, with options opening up for the ways that you can heat your home, which means you can make sure every room is perfectly heated without compromising the style of the room. And these days, the options are constantly becoming more interesting, so you can always be up to date with the newest interior fashions.

If you’re thinking about new ways that you can heat your home that are stylish and innovative, then we’ve got some amazing ideas for you to consider.

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Heated glass doors

Who knew that your glass doors could provide heat for your home?! Aside from being a great natural light provider for homes, there is now the chance to buy glass doors that are not only covered in thermally efficient coating that will prevent heating leaving your home, but will also radiate heat into your home from their integrated heated glass solution. Glow Heated Glass offer an incredible selection of bi-folding doors that will not only let in sunshine and calming breezes through summer, but will also keep you warm while you look out at freezing winter nights. This innovative design means you can stylishly heat your home in a way that is completely invisible.

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Stylish Radiators

If you decide that you still enjoy the reliability and ease that radiators provide, then you could easily find a more stylish version of the typical heating option. There are so many options you can consider for your wall-mounted radiators that you’re sure to find something in the style that you’ve been looking for that will compliment your own interior design.

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Infrared Heaters

Infrared panel heaters are a streamlined and stylish solution for heating your home, as they are a heater that will warm the area rather than the air. Infrared panels offer the chance to decorate your home in an interesting and versatile way, while they are still a practical and functional design option for heating your home in an unconventional way.

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Under floor heating

There is nothing worse in winter than stepping out of bed first thing in the morning to cold floor around your home. This problem can be eliminated easily though when you have heated flooring! Not only will you never have to suffer chilly toes again, you will also have the chance to heat your home with this innovative idea that will easily create a warm and toasty room wherever you lay the heating.

If you’re looking for a contemporary and stylish way of heating your home in a way that is both interesting and attractive to look at, then any of these options will be perfect, as you can guarantee that you will find an option that will perfectly suit your style and design within your home.


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