How to Develop Ecommerce Subscription Boxes for Your Furniture Business

Subscription boxes are curated packages brands send to subscribers’ front doors on a recurring basis. Birchbox and Dollar Shave Club are two of the most successful subscription box services.

If you’re trying to start a furniture business, you might be thinking a subscription box would be impossible for your products. After all, furniture is big and logistically difficult to ship—it’s also slightly trickier than sending out snacks, razors or makeup would be. How could building an ecommerce subscription box service benefit your furniture business? It might surprise you to learn it can.

Here’s how to develop ecommerce subscription boxes for your furniture business.

Show Them Who You Are

Since most furniture is too bulky to fit in a small, easily shippable box, it’s crucial that your subscription box can sell your furniture brand in a small package. Essentially, you’re trying to get your foot in peoples’ doors so they can see how your brand would take their interiors to new heights.

The accessory items in your inventory will show off your designs, materials and craftsmanship… without shipping out couches to all your subscribers. Take the opportunity to show off your handiwork and branding principles in a manageable package.

Here are a few product ideas that could potentially work in a subscription box:

  • Pencil Holder
  • Tissue Box
  • Bookends
  • Picture Frames
  • Throw Pillows
  • Bedding
  • Seasonal Redecorating Ideas and Accessories

Once your subscribers start accumulating your smaller products, they will then purchase larger pieces from you as well. Their friends may also inquire, thus building your word-of-mouth marketing. Subscribers also post pictures on social media, which inspires others to check out your wares.

There are a couple other great aspects to this model. First of all, you will be generating income from every subscriber. Even if they never buy a large piece of furniture, you will still have profited from the interaction. Second, in most ecommerce spaces, subscription boxes are a way for brands to leverage a dedicated following into income. This will also apply for your furniture business, as your most loyal customers will be eager to get more merchandise from your company—especially if it’s exclusive.

Plan Ahead

The downside to subscription boxes is they require you, the producer, to continually comie up with creative new ideas to retain customer interest. This requires you to make plans—lots of them.  

At minimum, you will need to come up with product, marketing and inventory plans. Without these in place, your subscription boxes will come off as unorganized, which will in turn result in lost subscribers. If you’re currently trying to start a furniture business, now is the perfect time to set these procedures in place and consider your short- and long-term branding.

Consider Outsourcing

While you want to make sure your subscription box is undeniably your own, there are companies helping brands start and run subscription box services. One is Cratejoy, which takes care of the logistical aspects of running a subscription box. It also lists your products on its website. You’ll still have to come up with the products, but letting someone else take care of some of the logistics and marketing behind your subscription box service will free up a lot of your time.

If you’re just starting a furniture business, or even if you’re an established player, subscription boxes can be a great way for your company to get brand exposure. Just make sure you approach developing the ecommerce subscription boxes for your furniture business in a smart way.


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