The Lines of Flooring in the Office

Your office is like the front page of a book. It is the first impression, it shouts out at the client what your company is all about. First impressions count for everything, and offices can be the perfect way of making that immediate impact.
There’s no shortage of things to consider with designing the interior of your office. A floor holds the power to set the tone of your interior, it captures the imagination, and so it’s highly important you choose the right one.
Despite popular belief, fashion can be functional, so it’s important you pick something that looks good, but that is practical for your office space. So with that in mind, we’ll be breaking down why wood flooring will always work in an office, as well as highlighting the benefits of having wood flooring, as well as giving you an alternative.
You need to make practicality your priority. Choosing a floor that will stand the test of time is vital to your office maintaining its look for an extended period. Solid hardwood is both strong and durable, and due to the protective sheen that comes with this flooring type you won’t need to worry about standard office wear and tear. If your wood does need a refinish, it’s a very simple sanding job to bring it back to it’s old gleam and shine.
Most modern business choose a cool and contemporary feel, as opposed to a vintage feel. Solid wood flooring has an impressive aesthetic, and will add class to any office space. It comes in a range of colours and textures so can suit anyones needs. Another alternative is parquet flooring. Parquet adds a vintage and more traditional feel. It can also create a wide number of different designs, and comes in different shapes and size.
Office renovations often take awhile to complete, so it’s important you manage your time wisely in terms of fitting. Wood flooring needs time to acclimatise to its surroundings, once fully acclimatised it is fairly quick to install, depending on the size of your floor plan. Wood flooring is fairly easy to clean as well, due to its protective layer over the top. It does require regular cleaning to keep it in mint condition, so this is worth bearing in mind.

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