How to Know Your Property Is Too Big for You and What to Do About It

Our needs and living situations can change in the blink of an eye. For example, you might be comfortable in a one-bedroom apartment with no yard but quickly need to upgrade to something larger with a baby on the way. 

Living situations can also change in reverse. You might have always dreamed of having a large, spacious property with rolling acreage and a sprawling home, only to find yourself lacking the time and help you need to enjoy it to its full potential. 

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However, the signs can sometimes be more subtle, and it might take some time to realize that your property is too much for your needs. Below, you can learn about some of the most obvious signs and the possible actions you can take. 

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The Land Is Too Much for You to Manage

You might start thinking about whether you should sell a part of your property when the land surrounding your home is becoming too much for you to manage. You might not have the human resources to use the land to its full potential, or you’re tired of the maintenance needed to keep it in good condition. 

While you might have once proudly worked the land, there might come a time when you realize you love your home and outlook more than the acreage on your title. Fortunately, you do have options in this respect. You can continue to enjoy your home and the surrounding land, but you might decide to sell a portion of it to someone interested in building their own dream home or farming stock for a profit. 

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You’re Constantly Behind On Chores

Life gets busy, and many people find themselves unable to keep up with basic chores due to life’s demands. If you regularly have a backlog of tasks that overwhelm you each day, it might be time to consider whether your home is too large for your needs. 

However, being behind on chores doesn’t always mean you have to move from a property you love. Instead, you might consider hiring a cleaner to assist. You can then spend more time doing the things you love and less time dusting, vacuuming, and tidying. 

You’re Struggling to Afford Property Taxes

Every homeowner’s property taxes are used to fund roads and highways, water and sewer services, law enforcement, and education, just to name a few. While you might not mind contributing to these essential services, some homeowners have to pay a considerable amount more than others based on where their property is and its size. 

Compare your current property taxes to those of other areas to see if you might be able to pay less elsewhere. You might also be able to deduct a set sum from your itemized federal tax filing to ease the burden.  However, if you’re continuously struggling to meet your property tax obligations, it might be worth looking at your sales options, either your entire property or a portion of it.    

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You Don’t Use All Rooms

Many homeowners will have rooms they don’t frequently use, either because they’re for storage or guest bedrooms for friends and family. If a section of your home is closed off and never used, consider whether your home is too large for your family’s requirements. While there’s nothing wrong with having guest rooms for people who visit, you might think about downsizing to a smaller home if you can’t remember the last time you entered some of its rooms and put them to good use. 

Not All Rooms Are Furnished

Many homeowners love purchasing furniture to tie a room’s look together. You might put a lot of thought into each piece and ensure they all work in harmony for the property’s overall aesthetics. However, if your home is too large for your needs, you might have spare rooms that sit empty. After all, most people wouldn’t see the point in purchasing beds for extra rooms if they already have guest rooms ready to welcome visitors. 

Fortunately, you have many options if you’re in this predicament. You might decide to rent out your empty rooms and make extra cash, or you might choose to turn them into craft rooms, offices, storage spaces, or even home gyms. Some people also realize that an empty room is a sign that their home is too large for their needs and explore their sales options. 

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Your Rooms Are Storage Facilities for Your Children

When your family is growing, it makes sense to purchase a large home to ensure every child can have their own bedroom and space for all their toys and possessions. As the years pass, those children leave home and don’t typically take all their possessions with them as they enter college dorms or small apartments of their own. 

Eventually, you might find yourself with bedrooms filled with boxes of their possessions, and you realize your house is a storage facility rather than a family home. While those bedrooms might come in handy for grandchildren in the future, you might start to question whether downsizing is an ideal option as the last of your children leave home for the final time. 

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Your Needs Have Changed

At one point, you might have needed a large home to cater to the many friends and family who graced you with their presence. You might have also needed a sizable section for your children, pets, and livestock. 

When you first purchased your property, it would have likely fulfilled all your requirements, and you probably didn’t see that ever changing. However, our preferences, passions, and living situations change over time. You might no longer have any pets that require plenty of space to run around, or you don’t have livestock to eat all the grass surrounding your property. Any small lifestyle change might make you realize that your property is no longer meeting your needs. 

Many people struggle to know whether their home is still suitable for their needs, especially when it has been their family home for several years. However, if you can relate to these scenarios above, there’s every reason to believe that selling part of your property or downsizing altogether is the right move to make.


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