Space Saving Ideas: Storage Ideas for Your Home

You might want everything to look neat and tidy if you live in a big or small house. When you are at home, and everything seems messy, it can be frustrating or unrelaxing. If everything in the house is unorganized, maybe it’s time for you to think of ways to manage your stuff.

It will help if you think of ways how to put everything in one place to save space and to avoid a mess. There are many storage ideas that you can follow, from storage shelves to the living room and bathroom storage ideas, it’s a great technique to clear and clean your house. Saving space should also be a priority because it can help you make room for more things. So here are some storage ideas that you can apply to your home.

Floating Shelves

A better method to use barren vertical spaces is to make floating shelves with the use of brackets. If you are the type of person who enjoys a hobby of organizing up your house regularly, then you might have some other wooden boards from your previous projects. Grabe some boards to begin your next home improvement venture.

Before starting, always remember to smoothen the board’s edges using sandpaper. It would be best if you stained your board with an unsoiled cloth to achieve a rustic look or paint your boards with color white to clean its edges. Although it is time-consuming, the anchors of the wall will guarantee long-lasting durability for your shelves. Aside from the floating shelves, there are still more diy storage shelves that you can use.

DIY Living Room Storage Cabinet

A cabinet is a crucial storage spot in your living room because of the many items that you can find there. To avoid a messy living room, you can put all your stuff in the cabinet to make everything look tidy because it is the standard house part that people stay a lot. If you have a choice, it’s better if you create your own cabinet.

Creating your cabinet storage will save you money and allow you to design it whatever you want. With the use of your creativity, it will be easier to design and create your cabinet storage. But before you make one, you need to plan how to build it. If you want to learn more steps on how to do it, learn more about this living room storage cabinet.

VonHaus 4 Tier Seagrass Basket Storage Tower Unit

It’s a storage tower that is 4-tier, and it can provide a nature dash to the bathroom. It’s also made with natural seagrass supported with wire surrounds, and it is mounted on its metallic frame. The storage tower is ideal for storing household items, beauty products, paperwork, clothing, and accessories.

Therefore, you can place it anywhere in your house, like the bathroom, dorm, office, or the garage. The baskets in its four tiers can be easily removed and use them independently for storing other stuff. The storage tower features rubber feet for steady, stability, and unharming the floors. You can also visit more bathroom storage ideas to suit your style.


It would be best if you always considered storing your items to avoid a mess. It can also save more space for other things, and it’s possible to use storage items. Always make your home a comfortable place to stay for you and your family.


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