Innovations To Incorporate On Your Next Bathroom Remodel

Interior design trends seem to reform rather rapidly that it might be hard to keep up with them. There are so many contemporary styles people have already incorporated into their homes, from the open-plan kitchen style to having full-length windows in living rooms. But homes are just not complete without having a modern bathroom to match. An individual spends so much time in their bathroom for various reasons, which is why you want to make it a room you like being in. 

Many homeowners want that same sense of luxury and relaxation that they get from a 5-star hotel bathroom or spa. And why shouldn’t they? Your bathroom is where you free yourself from any stress with a bubble bath or unwind while you complete your skincare regimen. This is why the custom remodeling team at reveals how important it is for your bathroom to possess the modern amenities you desire. 

So let’s take a look at some innovative ideas that you should incorporate in your next bathroom remodel.

Curved Bathtubs 

The latest bathroom trends tend to opt for a high-end design as it offers slightly more versatility. This would involve a complete renovation of the room to ensure it becomes spacious enough to hold all the new design elements. Curved bathtubs are a staple of high-end designs. They are becoming increasingly incorporated in bathroom remodels; not only for their luxurious look but also because they are space-efficient. Curved bathtubs take up less space, and what they lack in length, they make up for in width. They can also be placed in the corners of the room, which improves the ambiance of the room. 

Double Walk-In Showers

Equally as innovative as the modern bathtub is the walk-in shower. Many older homes lack modern design ideas in the bathroom and, therefore, aren’t as practical. Wide walk-in showers are a great solution that doesn’t just glamorize your bathroom, but they also provide ample space for two people to take a shower at the same time; no more arguing with your spouse over who gets to go first when you both need to head off to work on time. This would require a full renovation much like the curved bathtub, but it will be well worth it. You can also include shelves within to accommodate for your products. 

Shower Doors

If you are looking for more affordable options for the time being and aren’t too keen on the cost of a full renovation, you can consider adding modern touches to your bathroom to improve it. For instance, many showers in older homes still have curtain rails, which aren’t the most effective option when it comes to preventing water from splattering all over your floor. Instead, for a more modern and practical approach, opt to have a shower door built-in. Your bathroom will instantly be cleaner, and its appearance will be sleeker. 

Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks are all the rage in 2020 because of their unique design and practicality. These styles take up less amount of space and are better at containing water when washing your face to avoid spilling over onto the floor. There are so many innovative styles to choose from, as the vessel sink comes in a range of colors and designs, so you can make sure it fits in with the theme and décor of your bathroom. Another great thing about vessel sinks is that they can be incorporated into the furniture of your choice: on a shelf if you want a spacious and minimalist look with less clutter, or on top of a sink cabinet if you want the extra storage space. Either way, vessel sinks will sport that modern and sophisticated appeal you desire. 


If you are willing to go all out and renovate your bathroom entirely, then opting for countertops is a great solution –as long as your bathroom is large enough. Countertops -also known as vanity tops- are very convenient for storage space and allow you to organize your essentials into different compartments in a way that ensures your bathroom is not cluttered. For the ultimate modern touch, opt for granite and marble surfaces to give it that sleek and elegant look –especially in the master bathroom. 

These innovative designs will immediately modernize your bathroom. Whether or not you have the opportunity to splurge, there are many renovation ideas that you can incorporate to give your bathroom an ideal modern makeover. Additionally, you would get to ensure it has all the amenities you desire to make it a luxurious and efficient bathroom. 


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