How to Make a Garden Fountain

Whether you want a garden fountain or front yard fountain, the principles are essentially the same. You don’t need extensive knowledge, experience, or copious amounts of money.

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You can accomplish a serene setting in your garden by utilizing a submersible water pump and simple materials such as a flower pot and bamboo. 

Water features may seem like they’re out of your reach, but they’re right there for your pleasure. You simply need to get creative with how you implement them into your garden. Continue reading to learn how to make your garden fountain, no matter what budget or land plot you have. 

Create an Outdoor Fountain Made of Stacked Stone 

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You will want some masonry experience and power tools for this project. Creating an elevated look to your fountain will add depth to your front yard or garden. The water wall will enchant the onlooker with scale while giving your yard another dimension. 

Calming and beautiful, this fountain will save you thousands of dollars and look like a professional did it. 

Waterfall and Pond

Similar to the stacked stone fountain, the waterfall and pond design takes it a step further. Not only do you add the dimension of a fountain springing from rocks, but you also enjoy the tranquility a full pond provides. Stock your pond with fish and turn your garden or yard into an eastern paradise. 

Image by Juliane Lutz from Pixabay

The project is driven by a simple submersible water pump. With a bit of maneuvering of rock features, you create a small waterfall that drains into the pond. Few things cultivate such a meditative state as a babbling fountain into a pond. 

Mini Water Garden

Not all garden features require extensive craftsmanship. Some of us only have a balcony or small space with which to work. For those of us with smaller areas, the mini water garden works perfectly. Anything more than a simple flower pot might take up too much room. 

The mini water garden reminds you of a tranquil garden in the smallest of places. All you need is a container to fill with water and a few aquatic plants and you’ll have a peaceful pond at your disposal.

Bamboo Fountain Basin 


The bamboo fountain is built in much the same way as the other simple designs in this article. What sets it apart from other makeshift fountains is the hollow bamboo as an avenue for water. Bamboo and the other materials used in this construction have a ton of utility. As with most of the other suggestions in this article, the bamboo has an Eastern feel, particularly a Japanese style. The best part of this design, however, is that it’s an easy build. 

Simple Fountain in a Pot

The key to all of these water fountain designs is the water pump. If you can install the water pump, you’ll be well on your way to creating a water fountain suitable for you. Creating the water feature should be simple, but a lot depends on your ability to pick out a beautiful pot for this particular design. You can go simple or extravagant. The choice is yours. However, in many cases, the more simple the design, the more beautiful, so don’t get carried away trying to install a flashy layout. 

How to Prepare for Your Garden Fountain 

Find a Power Source

The first thing you need to do when planning for your fountain is finding a usable power source. Some fountains use solar panels to keep them running, but the majority need electricity. Here’s a list of tools and materials you will need to consider when installing your outdoor fountain. 

  • Forklift or pallet jack 
  • Hand power tools 
  • Level surface
  • Electrical outlet
  • Waterline 
  • Extra hands 
  • Fountain cleaner for maintenance

You might not have all of the necessary tools to complete your DIY project. In this case, you will need to contact a professional to help install your outdoor water fountain. 

Deciding Where to Put the Feature 

Before beginning installation, you need to decide where you want your fountain. Your water fountain’s placement will determine whether your fountain accomplishes its aim or whether it looks out of place. 

This concept may seem simplistic, but it’s something people forget all too often. Do you have a more miniature garden or pond that would benefit from the added dimensions a fountain can provide? Do you want your fountain to greet guests as they enter the driveway? 

Reflecting Your Style 

The placement for your fountain and the corresponding power source are the two most critical components to your water feature. Establish your vision first before doing anything else. With so many styles to choose from, you can choose what makes your garden look best according to your preferences. 

Conclusion- How to Make a Garden Fountain


Making a garden fountain doesn’t have to be a complex situation. You need a power source and you need to define your preferences, but you can accomplish a gorgeous garden fountain without breaking your budget. 

If you’re not trying to get extensive construction done to implement a water fountain, there are plenty of DIY options. When it comes to fountains, what’s most important is the feeling it provides you, not necessarily the aesthetic they create. 

Yes, it’s nice to have a modern fountain in your yard that impresses your guests, but the primary function of water fountains is the serenity it provides. That serenity is a mere flower pot away. Put your hand to the test and see if you can create a DIY water fountain that brings you joy.  


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