What Does a Vacation Property Management Company Do?

Looking for somewhere to stay on your next vacation? Move beyond the traditional choices like hotels or motels.

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Nowadays, more vacationers are choosing to stay at vacation properties when they hit the road. And if you happen to own a spare property, this can be the perfect opportunity to earn extra income as you transform your property into a luxurious vacation rental. By working with an experienced vacation home rental agency, you won’t even need to handle guests or worry about cleaning and maintenance. You can simply sit back, relax, and watch as the extra earnings flow in. 

But what exactly are vacation property management companies? And what can they offer for you and your vacation property? To help you better understand the benefits, we’re taking a closer look at vacation rental agencies and why you should definitely consider working with one if you want to optimize your vacation property, keep it booked throughout the entire year, and earn maximum income. 

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Having a vacation property on the coast or tucked away in the mountains is a great way to allow you and your family to escape from your normal routines. However, if this is all you’re using it for, it’s quite the missed opportunity. More and more property owners are now seeing these spare properties as potential sources of additional revenue. By turning your property into a vacation property and renting it out to guests and families, you can earn extra income throughout the entire year. 


In recent years, lodging services like AirBnB have exploded in popularity as they match vacationers with a wider range of vacation properties. Instead of staying at a hotel or motel, more vacationers are turning to vacation properties due to the unique benefits of this new type of lodging.

Here are just a few reasons why vacation properties have become so popular:

·  More options: you don’t have a lot of options when it comes to booking a hotel room. With a vacation property, however, you can find the home to perfectly fit your needs and the size of your party. From downtown condos to expansive homes, there’s a vacation property out there for you. You can even take advantage of more creative options, such as staying in a luxurious treehouse or a yurt.

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·  More amenities: with a hotel, consider yourself lucky if you have a min-fridge in your room. Vacation properties come with all the comforts and amenities of home to help you feel more relaxed while on your vacation. Access to larger bedrooms, more bathrooms, and a full kitchen help you feel at home while on the road.

·  Save on costs: in some cases, a vacation property can even be a more cost-effective option, especially if you have a large group or multiple families sharing the property. Having access to a full kitchen also helps you save money so you don’t have to go out to a restaurant for every meal. 


Let’s be honest: who wouldn’t want to earn extra income with their spare property? Even if you visit your vacation property a few times a year, most of the year this extra source of potential income is simply sitting there empty. Isn’t it time to cash in on this opportunity?

Well, it’s not exactly that easy. While making money on your vacation property sounds great, many people may not realize the work and time that’s needed to effectively operate and manage a vacation rental.

That’s where vacation property management companies come in. These specialized businesses can help you manage your vacation property and even take charge of the upkeep and maintenance for your house and property. Essentially, their purpose is to leverage their resources, expertise, and professional staff to make your vacation property as successful as possible. But what exactly do they do for your property? 


A full-service vacation property management agency can handle the entire rental, booking, and payment process. From start to finish, they’ll ensure that your guests enjoy their stay, recommend your property to others, and will even want to come back next time.

Keeping your guests happy and your property booked are the main goals of a vacation property management company. Here’s a look at what else they can do for you:

·  Schedule and perform regular cleanings between guests.

·  Address all maintenance issues.

·  Attend any needed repairs on your house or property.

·  Handle guest bookings.

·  Respond to guest requests and emergency needs during their stay.

·  Manage guest feedback and reviews.

·  Market your property using their sophisticated resources and media outlets.

·  Enhance your vacation property with custom interior design.

·  Keep your property booked throughout the year. 

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If you’re looking to earn extra income, transforming your spare property into a luxurious and popular vacation property is definitely an ideal option. Even if you still use your vacation property, renting it out for the rest of the year is an effective way to generate a profit. Of course, this doesn’t mean it’s easy. Just because you own a vacation property this doesn’t mean you’re prepared to handle guest bookings, payments, and consistent upkeep for your home and property. But don’t worry, there’s help.

By working with a trusted and experienced vacation property management company, you can sit back while a team of experts takes care of your property. These professionals will manage your bookings, market your property online, clean and maintain your home, and even fix any necessary repairs. They’ll also handle guest payments and any guest concerns that pop up during the course of a booking. Essentially, they can do it all for you and you can be relaxed knowing your vacation property is in good hands.


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