People who live in standard apartments are well aware how little of space was spared for bathrooms. They can feel lucky if bathtub, sink and toilet bowl fits it. But how to extend this small area of the house without demolishing walls?


Bright cold colors reflect light, thus visual increasing the space. The effect will be greater if not only the walls but the floor will be the same color, only a few shades lighter or darker. In order to avoid the bathroom looking too “pale” bring a bit of a color with a few bright accents. Suppose – colorful towels. Also, don’t procrastinate and spend a bit of time learning how to choose right colors for your particular bathroom.

Bellow you will find a few other tips how you can decorate your bathroom and make it look a lot bigger.

Vertical patterns and mirrors tricks

The ceiling will look higher if you replace large paintings on the walls with the vertical patterns. In fact, all large details on the walls reduce the space, and this is what you suppose to avoid.

Nothing can expand the area more than mirrors and mirror surfaces. Hang a large mirror or several smaller mirrors above the bath or sink. The mirrors, especially if hung facing each other, create the impression of infinite space. You can also hang a mirror over the entire bathroom door area and create a very original and contemporary décor.


Nothing unnecessary

Take advantage of all the four corners of the room and purchase space saving corner shelves and cabinets (Kohl’s has something to offer like that, and these coupons might help you to afford all that too). The perfect shape, in this case, is all L-shaped shelves, which will be super handy in all small areas.

However, do not clutter the bathroom with unnecessary items: bottles, boxes, and similar items. Leave only the ones you use on a daily basis and hide less frequently used items into closed “repositories”.

Prudently arranged shelves

Hang some open shelves on the wall. Open shelf swallows less space than a closed cabinet on the floor or at the eye level. Put small items in colorful boxes and lay them on the shelves. Voila – you saved space and now it all looks great.

Space under the sink or above the toilet is also often unfairly overlooked. Install small cabinets there as well. You will have a place where you can store sponges, toilet paper rolls or toothpaste boxes.

Do not forget to use the door – install a few hooks there for towels or bathrobes. Mini racks can be installed on the cabinet door too.


More light

The better-lit bathroom, the larger it appears. The conventional lighting from above can be improved with light sources above the sink or the mirror. The more glass and mirror surfaces in the bathroom will be the more beautiful light will shine.

When you are thinking on how to decorate a bathroom, think about comfort and practicality at the very first. Do not be afraid to experiment and to think unconventionally! You might end up with a gorgeous bathroom you won’t want to leave!



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