Tech Your Home to a Whole New Level

Modern interior design is more than knowing which colours are on-trend and what furniture to place where; it is about convenience and style, and integrating everything from online gaming to remote controlled heating. The advances in domestic technology have led to exquisitely designed concepts becoming a reality, created to be both aesthetically appealing and to make life much simpler for the modern home-owner. With this in mind we focus on items which will take your home entertainment to a delightful new level whilst also being fantastic to look at!


Every room is a leisure room

Home entertainment is always evolving and with so many people relying on computer games, online casino apps, and film downloads to fill their domestic down-time, it is small wonder that companies are clamouring to be the ones to supply the best technology on which they can be enjoyed. For example, although smartphones are evidently designed for use anywhere and everywhere, many people choose to enjoy online gaming at home using their phones, rather than a PC, and phone companies are fully aware of the need to ensure their phones are up to the task.


Being able to enjoy your home to the fullest extent has always been a goal for most, and one recent device that allows you to amply change the way you enjoy your own company is the chromecast. It will allow you to stream online shows and various entertainment to your TV, while operating it neatly from your laptop or smartphone. If you’d rather transform your living room to a casino for the night, this is also possible. Playing a few games of poker or blackjack, also known as twenty-one, as provided by online companies like the Canadian Lucky Nugget Casino, will take on new forms entirely. At the heart of both these transformative endeavors is the smartphone, and we would recommend you invest in a phone like the Galaxy 7 Edge. This fantastic mobile has many incredible qualities, including extensive removable storage and the added bonus of being water resistant up to a depth of 1.5 ft: perfect for those who enjoy a relaxing game of roulette in the bath!


One room that has traditionally been reserved to the car, or for handy work or practical projects is the garage. However, to reshape the old and little used room into a space of enjoyment and entertainment does not take as much effort as one might think. Doing light renovations (getting some spotlights installed, a tv, and smoothening the floor) might turn a room most people shy from, into the room for the kids to enjoy playing wii sports without fear of knocking down a vase or two.

The transparent television

As the name suggests, some sort of scientific wizardry allows the screen to be completely see-through when it is not in use. Panasonic’s gesture-operated transparent television was unveiled with the unreserved flourish it deserved at a the CES 2016 event in Las Vegas. An impressive demonstration showed how with one simple hand motion the screen became transparent, revealing the objects that had been placed behind it. Yet this is not the T.V.’s most remarkable feature and it was further demonstrated how half the screen can remain transparent while the other half can continue to stream television programmes. What’s the point, you may ask? This versatile piece of technology is geared towards those who are looking for less intrusive aspects to add to their home and by having a television that does not obscure feature walls, bookcases, or other items of furniture, it satisfies this need. It is also pretty darn cool!

If all this talk of home technology has piqued your interest, why not take a look at more of the technological brilliance showcased at CES 2016 in Vegas which includes virtual reality headsets that can be used for online gaming, and many other fantastic ideas for your home?


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