How To Make Your Cabin Feel Like Home

Owning a cabin is a great way to make sure you can take an impromptu vacation anytime you want to. Most are situated by the lakes or in the woods, making them the ideal getaway and quiet retreat. Some are very simple in design and others are fully equipped with state of the art facilities. Whether yours is big or small, you can maximize the comfort of your cabin with just a few simple touches.

When it comes to furniture, you need to consider how long your cabin will stay empty. If you’ve owned a cabin for a few seasons now, you will know just how much work it takes to get the place habitable after a long time standing empty. Dust, dirt, insects and other pests all need to be cleared out when you arrive. It’s not a fun job, but having easy to maintain furniture lessens the problem. Stick with wipeable surfaces, and cover up anything that might spoil.

For an authentic rustic or cabin decor, wood is essential. Wall art, seating, tables and worktops all look great when they are from the surroundings you are situated in. Your cabin is likely to be wooden with no rendering or plaster work to hide its true nature. Embrace it and make the most of what you can find that is also inspired by nature.Home

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Soft furnishings are key to making a cabin feel cozy and homely. Be sure to buy a good storage container to pack them all into over winter. Sometimes the weather can penetrate cabins or beach homes, so it’s best to use a plastic, weatherproof box to keep these items in. Tartan, Native American, and Middle Eastern-inspired prints make fantastic designs for blankets and cushions. They are often made of wool to offer comfort and warmth.

Cabin floors tend to be wood, although some people prefer to tile their kitchen and bathroom areas. Good rugs are key to creating that cozy feel. Pick ones that are easy to roll up and store so they last well. Look for the type that has a pleasing texture when you’re barefoot. Patterns aren’t always necessary as the floor is already patterned from the wood grain. However, a good pattern that matches or complements the other soft furnishings will make the room more homely.

A roaring open fire usually comes as standard in cabins, but in the summer, a wooden building like a cabin can actually become too hot. It’s important to have bedding for all seasons in buildings like this. You may also find that windows are a little too small to generate a good breeze. If you have an electric supply, you can bring a good fan to help the stifling air move about. If you don’t, it is possible to power a small fan from a portable solar panel kit. To keep food and drink cool, you might want to consider a generator, or see if you are permitted to install solar panels in your area.

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Cabins are wonderful for getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Their situation makes them ideal for relaxation. Add some homely touches, and you may never want to leave!


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