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Getting lost in a world map mural is one of our favourite past-times and we are sure you like to indulge too. Well, the good news is, with this range of world map murals consisting of vintage, contemporary and children’s styles, you can take merge these eye catching maps with your interior design.Kids

If you are big on interior designs that evoke sophistication, style and are sure to elicit comments from house guests, you need to see this range of World Map wall murals.

A map mural can offer many things; a sense of adventure, a willingness to learn and study or an eye for great design. Also, depending on your preferred map style, they can be ideal for contemporary or traditional rooms as well as for children too. We have seen these map murals being used in all kinds of settings. They make a great backdrop for bedrooms, kitchens, offices or studies and living rooms.book map


These vintage world maps have a fascinating history. Some show the depths of the ocean, others show oil routes around the world. Whatever design captures your imagination, you’ll always have a story to wow your friends and family with.vintage paris


These contemporary maps are available in any colour range, just ask. We find their simplicity and cleanness translates brilliant when up in situ. Use one of these maps to give any room a truly modern feel whilst remaining totally unique and jaw droppingly stunning.


Why should the adults have all the fun? Feed your child’s hunger to learn and explore with these classic kid’s maps that are both educational and fun.

Love these maps? – All of m can be purchased here.

Classic-worldMurals Wallpaper are a UK based company that make bespoke, digitally printed wall murals. We have a passion for design and love enabling our customers to have the total creative freedom to enhance any environment. We have been trading since 2009, all of our murals are made to measure and we are happy to ship world wide.


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