Top 5 Tips to Arrange Living Room Furniture

A living room is where we host parties, relax or entertain guests. Some homeowners have very formal spaces while others prefer a more casual feel. Follow these tips to arrange your living room furniture in practical and elegant ways.


  1. Determine the central focus.Whether it’s the view outside or your fireplace, most homes have one focal point. However, this doesn’t imply that all the furniture has to face it. It is the part of the room that you want to stand out and where you want all eyes to land when first entering the room.Arange-furniture-1
  2. Light your space.Directing light sources from sconces, table lamps, the ceiling and floor lamps provides good lighting and allows you to change the feel of the room easily. Address specific lighting needs, such as a preferred reading place and make sure an adequate lamp is nearby. If you frequently entertain in this room, create flattering light by installing dimmer switches.
  3. Select the seating.Furniture preferences vary. Some people like sofas because they create the potential for lounging, stretching out and accommodating large groups. However, sofas can also create a more informal seating arrangement as it urges people to sit close to one another. It also provides flexible seating by squeezing more people into the room. Armchairs allow you to control where and what direction individuals will sit. The key is finding a balance between individual chairs and sofas.
  4. Add tables. When designing a comfortable living room space, don’t forget flat spaces. Regardless of whether you plan to use your living room for casual or formal living, you’ll want to have plenty of areas for people to place plates or drinks down easily. Sit iarange_furniture-2n each seat and try setting down a beverage or magazine. If you are short on space, look for nesting tables that can be moved around when you have more people in the room but hidden within one table when you aren’t entertaining.
  5. Get the right size.The most important rule to remember when designing your living room is balance. Large rooms can take large pieces, but not every piece should be big. Small rooms can handle a large sofa. However, it is important to remember that large sofas require large coffee tables, which will quickly fill the room.

Whether you are redecorating or designing your first living space, arranging your furniture is an important consideration. Rather than choosing a living room layout visually and trying to work around it, think about what living means in your home and arrange furniture based on those activities. Style can fit any arrangement.



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