How to Make Your Home More Attractive and Modern with Abstract Art

Abstract art is often seen as an accessory that works only with modern settings and modern furniture thanks to its clean lines and muted colors,  but the true is that this kind of artwork can light up any home interior even the most traditional ones. When we decorate our interiors , we always think to create something original and appealing that express our style and tastes, and suits our lifestyle, but very few times we want to step outside our comfort zone and experience something that’s outside the box and we wouldn’t have intuitively considered before.


Photo © Zack|de Vito Architecture + Construction


Photo © Benjamin Dhong Interiors

Abstract art is one of the best styles to add a personal finishing touch to a room in a more creative and striking way and you’ll love its versatility because this type of art really expands the possibility of adding color, emotion and space to new heights in a contemporary fashion. Just a single piece of abstract art may have a complex color palette, which allows us to change the color of a room without replacing the art on the walls. Abstract art offers many advantages and choosing the right piece will:

  • give a fresh perspective to the entire design;
  • help establish a palette in the room;
  • give a fresh feel if paired with traditional furniture items with heavy ornamentation;
  • bring to life minimalist settings;
  • create modern and soft settings if paired with organic shapes;
  • highlight the style of the space (for example black and white abstract art paired with neutral palette);
  • have a calming effect in bedrooms (for example small pieces can be leaned against the wall near the lamp)
  • look fabulous in rooms with city or ocean views, complementing one another;
  • create a perfect balance of forms and symmetry (for example small pieces can be hung off center).


Photo © Kim Sargent; Beckwith Interiors


Photo © Riehl Designs, Inc.

Being the result of creative expression, imagination and energy, abstract and modern art have an emotional impact on us and according to how it speaks to us, they can deliver us various feelings of excitement, strength, relaxation, playfulness, hope and so on. Thus, when using them, interior designers can focus more on creating a feel rather than some kind of motif due to the fact that this type of art doesn’t depict a particular identifiable image. That’s why they have the ability to set a mood, changing instantly the ambiance of a room.

For instance, they’re ideal for contemplative spaces like sitting rooms or bedrooms. The thing we love is that being non-representational, abstract art draws the eye but doesn’t engages the critical mind to rate the content of the image, as is the case of the subjective imagery and maybe that’s why it can be used even in television shows settings. You can have abstract artwork without spending a fortune, because there are also many abstract artist that work quickly on large canvas at relatively reasonable price. So take advantage of this fact and create an amazing unified and cohesive feel for your rooms and don’t forget to share with us your impressions.


Photo © David Duncan Livingston; Benjamin Dhong Interiors


Photo © Anni Lissee


Photo © Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

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