Boomerang-Shaped House with Shed Roof in Japan

The interesting combination of a boomerang-shaped plan with a shed roof to create a  modern summer residence belongs to Japan-based architecture firm Haretoke studio  headed by architect Tatsuya Nagasaki. The aim of this project was to design a single family house that maximize the richness of the location with minimal intervention. Developed in Chiba, Japan, at eighty minutes from the city center by car, Seaside Boomerang residence is surrounded by a privileged natural setting with specific topographic features, monopolizing the best views facing the Pacific Ocean.


From far, this modern home resembles a boomerang structure that seems to be part of the landscape itself. Respecting the terrain entirely, the project was imagined as a simple configuration with rich interactions that varies both indoor and outdoor, in total communion with its beautiful natural surroundings. Different spaces featuring wood structures are blessed with plenty of natural light coming from large windows, whlist  the stairs and bridge let your eyes cross each other at different angles, and give stereoscopic visual sequence.

From morning till night, living space imprints changing of nature in various ways, this relationship between the house and the ocean transforming wonderfully the place. The interiors are yet to be decorated, but you can tell that the house does not lack space or surprising details. On the outside a wooden deck creates a gently surrounded “another living room” to fully enjoy the ocean and the sky.








Photos © Toshiyuki Yano / Nacasa & Partners


Project details:

Location: Chiba, Japan
Type: Summer Residential -Single family house
Building status: Completed in July 2008
Site size: 244.86 m2
Construction area: 79.75 m2

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