10 Birdhouses to Decorate Your Outdoor Space this Spring

As the spring season will officially arrive in couple of weeks, we thought to share with you guys, bird lovers, some modern and appealing birdhouses, that will surely bring life to your outdoor space. Probably most of you are already thinking at the beautiful spring days to come when  the enchanting chirping of birds and their newly hatched chicks create the perfect morning atmosphere ever.

Birdhouses are awesome accessories to take into consideration when preparing your garden, backyard or porch for the spring, that not only will add color and interest enriching your outdoors, but also will attract birds and will provide a shelter for them from season to season. These days there is a vast selection of birdhouses available on the marketplace with different shapes, sizes, materials, themes and designs, which can often rival the architecture of full-sized homes, being really functional and decorative works of art that will compliment any outdoor landscape and architecture.


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They can be both functional and decorative, with traditional, eclectic or modern designs and you definitely have to choose it according to your purpose, taste and style so that it really enhance the décor of the space while offer a nice habitat for your feathered friends. As it is said, there are those little details that make a home look complete. Here are some features to look for when buying a birdhouse:

  • Ventilation and drainage holes. They are important aspects to consider when looking for a birdhouse, because drainage holes ensure the safety of the birds and their chicks, while ventilation, preferably in the roof, allows air circulating throught it and helps maintain a dry house. Be aware that metal birdhouse overheats, so if you choose one like that, make sure you hang it in a shady spot. Wooden birdhouses are ideal because ages well and stands up under various weather conditions.
  • Solid Construction: You want a birdhouse that last in time, to be used for more seasons, so choose qualitative items. Quality craftsmanship is bound to be more expensive, but they will certainly pass the test of time and we think in terms of design will as well.
  • Non-Toxic Materials: Although it will be a decorative garden accessory, it’s also very important to be made of no harmful chemicals or substances to protect the birds.
  • Easy to Clean: A clean nest is more attractive than a messy one and make nesters return to it, so opt for a birdhouse that allows you to do this task easily. Don’t forget to add a bidfeeder near their house with some seeds and fresh water each day to keep them coming by.

Take a look at these 10 cool birdhouse designs and inspire yourself for your next project this coming spring!


Photo © Etsy


Photo © Etsy


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