Podcetrtek Traffic Circle by ENOTA

Here’s a different kind of traffic circle envisioned by Ljubljana-based architectural firm ENOTA , something that you don’t see everyday. Built on regional road in Podcetrtek, Slovenia, this interesting 380 sq m project, completed in 2012, is a distinctive concrete structure that marks the entrance points to the two main destinations for visitors: the municipal sports hall with open-air sports grounds and the  thermal spa centre with numerous swimming pools and hotels.

With an angular design composition, the roundabout has the main purpose to slow down the traffic because it’s a very busy area in Podcetrtek. Large, dark concrete cubes form an irregular arrangement suggesting a tectonic shift that happened somewhere beneath the Earth’s surface which made the road surface to bloat and belched out the massive blocks. Their heavy nature calls to mind the appearance of the monolithic volume of the sports hall, and the sporadically water that rises the surface between the clefts reminds of geyser-strewn basalt strata, also making reference to the spa complex. Quite unusual, isn’t it? What do you think about this traffic circle idea?






TEMPLATE PREDAVANJE 1600-1200 (artboards) 02

TEMPLATE PREDAVANJE 1600-1200 (artboards) 02

Photos © Miran Kambic


Project details:

Location: Podcetrtek, Slovenia
Architecture: ENOTA
Project team: Dean Lah, Milan Tomac, Alja Cerne, Tjaz Bauer
Budget: 33.000 EUR
Client: Terme Olimia


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