How to Organise a Bathroom With No Storage Space

If you have a bathroom without drawers or cabinets, achieving excellent bathroom storage may be a hectic task. However, with a little creativity, you will have enough storage space for your toiletries and medicine. There are many ways in which you can make your bathroom comfortable and functional. Besides, these ideas will make your bathroom look stylish. Below is a list of possible ways you can organise your bathroom to achieve your desired storage space.

Install a Medicine Cabinet

A medicine cabinet undoubtedly comes in handy. It helps you store your medicine safely as well as other items. The best part is that you can design your medicine cabinet and hang it on your bathroom wall. Moreover, you can choose a size and colour that compliments your small bathroom and have ample space for your personal effects.

Mount Wall Baskets

Carrying your toothbrush to your bathroom every day is somewhat frustrating. Mounting baskets on your bathroom wall can save you from this ordeal. It offers storage space where you can keep your toothbrush, soap, and toiletries. Wire baskets are the best. They are easy to find and install.

Invest in Stylish Stand Alone Shelving Units

The chances are that you have inches of space in your bathroom. The problem is that you have no idea how to make good use of it. Fortunately, there is a solution. Narrow shelving units occupy small spaces and hold your bathroom supplies incredibly well. Invest in this kind of shelves, and you will have the much-needed storage space.

Make an Old Ladder a Make-Shift Towel Storage

A little bit of creativity will not help sneak in some extra space in your bathroom but also showcase your unique taste. If your small bathroom lacks a proper towel storage shelve, find an old ladder. Sand it to get rid of dirt, paint it to give it a sleek look then lean it against your bathroom wall. Use its rungs to hang your towels. 

Get an Over-the-Toilet Cabinet

The space above your toilet can be tremendously useful, but how can you make use of it? Get an over-the-toilet cabinet. It is a narrow cabinet that occupies the space above the toilet. This cabinet can hold your shower supplies, toiletries, and candles.

 Put a Wire Basket on Your Bathroom Counter 

Does your tiny bathroom have a counter? You could increase your storage room by placing a wire on its surface. Use this basket for toiletries and any other item you deem necessary.

Use a Rolling Cart

A rolling cart is popular in hotels. However, you can purchase one to make use of the limited space in your bathroom. Most of them have a fantastic look and can hold lots of supplies.

Add a Side Table

A unique side table in your bathroom brings out your sense of style. Moreover, it is a fantastic way of organising your bathroom toiletries. You can use it to store perfumes, tissues, and much more.

If you need more bathroom storage in your tiny bathroom, try any of the tips mentioned above. Most of these projects are easy to execute. Besides, they are invaluable and can immensely transform your bathroom. Remember to make whichever plan you choose as appealing as possible.


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