How To Use A Pole Saw (Step-by-step Guide)

Now that you have bought your favorite pole saw, how do you make use of it? Here is the best step by step guide on how to use a pole saw. It is simple and direct and will work for any new learner.

Step I: Clear Your Work Area

The first step is to clear your work area. Make sure that you set up a clear space that you will be standing on when you want to cut the branches from your tree. A clear space will allow you to access the tree limbs easily.

It will also allow you to remove any property that could have been easily damaged. In addition to that, clearing the area that you want to cut on also ensures that you have no hazards that might trip you over.

In case you are working around a park or in any public area, roping the area will also give you a better safety.

Step II: Plan on Your Cut

Before you set your pole saw on or even set it against the wood that you intend to cut, you must first plan your cut. Make sure that you have a clear blueprint on how you are going to make the cut.

This means that you will have to think through how to cut your branches. To do so, make sure that you examine the entire tree, decide how much work is involved, and choose the safest way of how to go about it.

Step III: Start with Lower Branches

Your main aim when thinking through on how to use a pole saw is to create a plan that can easily allow you to access the highest branches.

This means that before anything else, you must devise a plan on how to get rid of the lower branches first. Start by removing the lowest branches first to create a clear path that will allow you to access the top branches too easily.

By doing this in the right way, you will easily create a clear path that eventually allows you to easily access the top most branches easily.

Step IV: Find the Correct Position

Another important thing is to get the right position when using the pole saw. The right position is to stand off to the main side of the tree that you are cutting and not directly under the tree.

When you choose this position, you will easily reduce on the chances of injuries, especially when the wooden branches fall from the tree.

Secondly, hold the lower part of your pole saw to your chest level. This allows you to attain the best angle of cut – pole saws should be at an angle/ lent position when using them for the cut.

Step V: Adjust the Length of Your Pole Saw

For you to get the best pole saw the position, you can just adjust the position of your pole saw to give you the right length too.

Make sure that you adjust the length before you begin to cut. You can find someone with a better pole saw knowledge to help. If you don’t find someone, the next best thing to do is to consult your user manual.

Step VI: Position the Blade of Your Pole Saw

Now before you finally start to cut, you should get your pole saw blade into the right position. Then take a pause before you begin to cut to ensure that you have proper control over the pole saw blade’s weight.

Once you get a comfortable position, you can then rest your pole saw blade on top of the branches so that it attains the right cutting length on the branch.

Step VII: Begin to Cut

Now that your blade is in the right position, you should start to cut the branch that you needed to cut. Start with a slow and very controlled cut.

This is because if you cut your branches at full speed, it might trigger the blade to slip and, in so doing, make your cutting process harder.

To prevent this, you should make a groove in the wood first. However, if you want to cut a limb, that should be easy since limbs are smaller and will cut fast.

How to Use a Pole Saw: Cutting Tips

When you want to create a groove, usually when cutting a branch, first cut slowly. Make sure that you tap the throttle lightly to make the initial groove. This groove is ideal at helping you to guide your cutting strokes.

Keep in mind that when finishing your cuts, the saw can also slip to the sides. If this happens, stop cutting and reposition the saw.


The final part of how to use a pole saw is to get the right finish to your cut. This is easy to do once you have secured your saw by creating a groove. Finally, you can clean up the area by removing the cut branches and limbs.


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