How to prepare your commercial space for professional cleaning?

With a deadly virus like Corona on the loose, keeping your surroundings cleaner than before is highly imperative at the moment. Whether it’s your residential property or the commercial one, constant cleaning is the need of the hour. Amongst all this chaos, are you keeping your business premises free from germ and bacteria?

Considering that you already have an expert on the way coming to clean your premises, is your property ready for it? If not, then we have a few tips that will help you prepare your property for a deep cleaning session. Read on!

  1. Declutter!

To save time and efforts on the cleaning team’s part and yours too, declutter your commercial premises. Do you see any utensils on the workstations? Take them to the kitchen right away. Displace your office furniture as much as possible so the experts can reach even the darkest corners, rendering your property entirely germ-free. Decluttering will not only help you make the most of commercial cleaning in Tauranga but allow you to dispose of the unnecessary items too.

  1. Clean the workstations of litter

Once the organising is completed on a broader scale, it’s time to go into detailed decluttering. Irrespective of a disease on the spread or not, all the workstations must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

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The amount of area that you desire to get cleaned depends on the space that you organise for cleaning. Move back the monitors and keyboards and remove the stationery items as well. Ask your employees to keep their workstations as composed as possible. Also, do ask your hired professionals to use high-quality disinfectants on all workstations.

  1. Move the carpets

Whatever the season may be, carpets always play an essential role in uplifting the decor of any commercial space. That being said, move them away so a professional carpet cleaner can get rid of the germs from them while other experts thoroughly clean the floors for a brighter look. If you have a few rugs thrown all around the premises, store them away for efficient commercial cleaning as well. If you have checker plate flooring, make sure you clean deeply into those grooves.

  1. Throw out the garbage

A garbage-laden area will not only smell bad but create hurdles in the path of the professional cleaning services in Tauranga as well. Whether it’s the organic garbage from the kitchen or the general trash from all over the office, collect and throw it all out before the experts visit your property. This will save time and efforts and ensure an obstacle-free thorough cleaning of your premises.

  1. Bring in the sunlight

Sunlight can turn your building’s environment into a happier and cheerful one so open all the doors and windows to let it in. Not only does it give a boost of Vitamin D and naturally disinfect the whole area, but it also helps in drying the mould and driving out the germs and bacteria. While your hired commercial cleaners will undoubtedly spray room fresheners for a refreshing feel, the sunlight will naturally ensure a fresh-smelling environment for your employees. 

These above-mentioned tips are some of the easiest ways to prep your space for expert cleaning. While professional cleaners are equipped with the tools to get rid of even the tiniest bit of germs, maintaining it’s benefit is where you come into play. Once the cleaners are done with their task, use antibacterial sprays and sanitisers to keep the hygiene on point. 


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