The most expensive homes in India

Owning a home is one of the dreams that many people look forward to attaining in life. However, owning a home is not a walk in the park as it requires enormous savings. This explains why your first priority would be to buy a home if you won the Powerball lottery. Because a Powerball lottery win makes you so rich, you would wish to own a luxury home that stands out from others. This blog offers you information on the most expensive houses in India. The data can help you to have an image of the kind of home you may want to own in India after winning in a Powerball lottery.

Antila, Mumbai

This is arguably one of the most luxurious homes in India. The house stands out above the others as it belongs to the wealthiest person in India-Mukesh Ambani. The house is exceptional, and many people come from all parts of the country to have a look at it. With 27 stories, the house has all kinds of social amenities. The approximate value for the home is Rs 10,000 crores.

Mannat, Mumbai

This is a landmark and exceptional home that many Indians are familiar with. The home belongs to King Khan. The house is the second most expensive home in India, and the owner is the wealthiest actor in India. The approximate value for the home is around 200 crores. 

Naveen Jindal Residence, India

Naveen Jindal is one of the influential political and industrialist leaders in India. His house in New Delhi is a reflection of his financial capacity. His home, located in an affluent site, is approximately Rs. 120 crores.

Ravi Ruia Residence

This house situated in New Delhi is one of the best homes in India. The mansion has a value of Rs. 120 crores and too many years to complete it. The house belongs to two brothers Ravi Ruai and Shashi Ruai. The home’s location at Tee January Marg in New Delhi reflects the level of affluence of the two brothers.

JK House, Mumbai

Raymond Man Gautam Singhania owns this house, which is found in Mumbai. The house has multiple amenities, including a health center and a museum. The house has an ample parking bay.

Rana Kapoor Residence

This house valued at Rs. 120 Crore features in the list of the ten most expensive and luxurious homes in India. The house belongs to Rana Kapoor, who owns YES Bank. The house is found in a posh location of Tony Altamount Road in Mumbai.

White House in the Sky, Bengaluru

Vijay Mallya owns this home, otherwise known as the King-fisher Towers. The building comprises a 34-story building with a wide range of social amenities like pools. The house is approximately $20 million, and it’s situated at UB city In Bengaluru.


Winning a lottery jackpot makes you a billionaire within a short time. You, too, can invest in a luxurious home like the ones captured in this blog.


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