How to recycle yard waste

“If you did not keep your yard in reasonable order, then your whole life would be similarly untidy. A messy yard told Mma Ramotswe everything she needed to know about its owner.”

― Alexander McCall Smith, The Woman Who Walked in Sunshine

A man is generally known by the company he keeps, why then should the cleanliness of his yard matter? Should it?

If someone visits you for the first time, and they have to walk across a messy yard before reaching your living room, they might not have a great impression about your approach towards life. No matter if you serve them with a cup of kopi luwak, a bad first impression is not so easy to cover up. But it’s not all about impressing people, is it? Cleanliness is a practice not a project.

But even the ones who keep houses clean end up procrastinating cleaning their yards. We figured, it’s because people don’t know where to start. Don’t worry about that, we are here to inspire you.

Our yards need a lot of maintenance which generally results in production of waste. It could be anything ranging from tree trimmings, leaves, weeds to grass clippings. If you are able to recycle this waste, it helps in saving landfill space across the country.

Let us understand how and why you should recycle yard waste:


On one hand, you’ll save a lot of landfill space, as yard waste can be termed as green waste. Green waste is anything that is biodegradable. Such waste can be turned into rich organic material rather than landfilling it. On other hand, you are helping to keep our planet from global warming, When the yard waste decomposes in the absence of oxygen, it creates pollution. By recycling it, you are saving the environment from the harmful effects of greenhouse gases coming out of it.

Recycling Yard waste

Compost at Home

There are various DIY methods to create compost at home. To form a good one, you will need equal amounts of green and brown waste and sufficient moisture. Dead leaves and twigs are the brown waste; grass clippings and vegetable waste is the green waste. This compost can then be added to the soil and it will help the plants to grow.

Hire a professional green waste removal service

If you do not want to recycle it on your own, you can get a professional green waste removal service which provides recycling options. They will come to your place to collect the yard waste and put it to proper use. Make sure to find out what is taken as green waste and what can’t be included. For example: you must not mix dirt and rocks with the yard waste as they won’t compost.

Go a step ahead, reuse!

Recycling is beneficial but even better approach is reuse. Instead of throwing away your yard waste or making a compost and recycling it, you can do the following:

● You can spread the grass trimmings over the grass instead of throwing it away. The trimmings decompose and provide nutrients to the soil.

● Grass cuttings and dried leaves can be used as mulch. Spreading the mulch around the base of the plants help them regulate temperature and also provide them nutrients.


Yard waste should find its way back to the environment without harming it. The best way to do so it to recycle or reuse it. If you wish to recycle it on your own, there are various ways you can do it. If you want tutorials on how to do the same, you can find them online and try it at your home. If it is inconvenient for you, go ahead and hire a paid service.


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