Sunnyvale Living + Dining

We at Kanika Design had an awesome time creating a fun interior space for our clients in Sunnyvale, California. They contacted us in hopes of tailoring their homes functionality to not only covet their lifestyle, but their pet cat’s as well. They desired a modern interior look which would respectively entertain guests, so we gave their place a full floor to ceiling makeover. Our main goal was to transform their main entrance, living/dining rooms, hallways, and a small seating/game room.

In our initial home design discussion, our clients had voiced they preferred light pastel colors on their walls. Being total color savvy, we used our expertise to assure them it was safe to utilize more bold colors in their interiors. We used seven different wall colors throughout the main living area such as different shades of grey, blue, & teals to help achieve their dream space, & in the end they loved the results!

Our main challenge was to incorporate a pet friendly home design in respect to the contemporary interior design elements. We chose durable fabrics & decided to use a slipcover for the sofa, so it can be easily cleaned. In respect to the bold colors on the walls, we used neutral furniture in order to create balance & refrain from overpowering the room.
New tiles for the entrance & brand new laminate floors were installed in the main living room & we applied a variety of abstract art prints around the walls to enhance the room with a gallery feel. Laminate flooring gives a hardwood appeal and our clients would have fewer concerns about scratches on the floors. In addition, we used easy-to-clean low pile area rugs, with nonskid pads underneath which ensured a hazard free zone. Last but not least, we left lots of common area for the cute cats to play around in – making it a perfect home design which was super pet friendly.


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