How to Restore Your Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

Affordability and strength combined with sleek aesthetics make stainless steel kitchen sinks one of the most popular choices nowadays, so many modern appliances are stainless steel. They come in a wide range of sizes and shapes on the market, as well as with different prices according to their quality level and manufacturing company.  Although they are very resistant to corrosion and truly stainless due to nichel and chromium that they contain, the fact that the kitchen is a very busy area in a house every day where the family meals are cooked and many of the household chores are made, the appearance of stainless steel kitchen sinks can be affected by scratches and other forms of damages over time no matter how much you paid for them.


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Maintenance and proper care is very important in order to extend their life as much as possible. So prevention is your best bet if you’re not into spending lots of money and time why not for replacing them.  Stainless steel, in fact like any other material no matter how good it is, becomes dull and not so shiny as it is when it’s brand new and this process is normal, but not so aesthetically pleasant of course. That’s why restoring your stainless steel kitchen sink is a good alternative if you don’t want to spend more on remodeling or replacement.  Using some right techniques and products, you can make your sink shine again.

  •  For example, vinegar is a good product for homemade remedies regarding stainless steel sinks dealing with mineral deposits. To restore the shine and brightness on the sink’s surface, you may use hydrogen peroxide, while if you have water spots on it, wipe with a cloth soaked in alcohol concentrating on the affected area.


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  • Another efficient technique is called re-gaining. You just need a scrubber pad which you’ll use it  like sand paper on the sink. Mineral deposits stored on the surface will be removed due to the tiny bits of metal that the scrubber pad has. Be careful not to damage even more by applying too much pressure. Polishing product is recommended to be utilized after scrubbing in order to reestablish the shimmer on your stainless steel kitchen sinks.
  • It’s vital to choose a high quality scratch remover and cleaning product, and also to read all the instructions before using them to avoid causing other unwanted problems. The most important tip to remember is acting gentle, with moderate pressure and rinse it thoroughly before applying anything else.
  • To restore their appearance and luster you can take into consideration the refinishing method. Cover with masking paper everything that surrounds the sink like the faucet, the counter top, walls, floor, and then apply a spray primer onto it. Wait to dry and after that spray the epoxy paint onto the sink for additional coating. This procedure will remove most scratches or friction and will give your stainless steel sink a whole new aspect.
  • The final step in the restoring process is placing a protective rubber mat .


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