Use Paint to Have New Kitchen Cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets yourself or with a professional help can be a smart way to go when you want to change the appearance of your kitchen and you don’t want to spend a fortune with this. If you like the layout of your kitchen and  you don’t have to replace the cabinets because are in a very good shape, painting them will not only make your kitchen unique complimenting the rest of the décor, but also will require a much smaller budget and minimal skill level than other renovations you could do. It’s quite one of the most effective and budget-friendly remodelling ideas. A little paint with the right tone that integrates perfectly with the color palette in your kitchen will instantly cheer up and refresh your kitchen design. With custom-painted fronts, nobody will know that you haven’t bought new ones.


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Painting cabinets isn’t an easy task, but not impossible. So first of all, you must analyze very well which is your kitchen design style, what predominant color scheme you have and also decide how you want to feel in your kitchen space. Thinking about all this stuff, you’ll be able to pick up the right color for your cabinetry and avoid making things worse then before. It’s very important to have a picture in mind of what will be the final result, so think twice, act once.

Another tip is to go to stores and get plenty of paint samples before choosing a final shade and compare them in your kitchen area with the other colors. Be aware that in most of the cases, for full coverage and best results, you should give at least two coats of paint. If you don’t want to create a dramatic contrast, don’t choose bold, vibrant hues when you already have this in your kitchen. Dark colors for example are known to absorb a lot of light, so using them for kitchens where it doesn’t exist to much sunshine, it isn’t the best choice to follow. Use instead lighter tones which will create a beautiful contrast with a dark floor, countertops or table. In generally, kitchen space should have warm appetizing colors and you should not be afraid to use a bright modern tone if your kitchen design allows you. If you’re really looking to have fun and get creative, it’s better to opt for a more subtle yellow, red, green or blue tone instead of their bold version. It will be a great result if such a color compliment other neutral and wood tones in the kitchen. For those families that love to cook and eat, stimulating shades of red, green, yellow are a great choice knowing the fact that they increase appetite and give a resonant, bright and optimistic air to your kitchen.


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Blue, as a cool and calm color used in general for designing bathrooms, light shades are recommended to use in the kitchen area having a soothing effect. Blue color is said to decrease appetite and you can lose weight, while it enlarge the room, so you can also take into account this fact. Black and white are always in style because it goes with every other color. The combination between them in a kitchen lead to a sober and bold kitchen aspect. It black is applied in a smart way, it will give and elegant and sophisticated air to its design. If you have silver and golden knobs, paint the kitchen cabinets with cream. It’s a royal combination that uplift the mood and space. Another royal option is purple, a semi-opaque and rare color. Calm and serene, purple hues create a luxurious and expensive environment that has  always an air of mistery.


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A modern approach as well is to combine two different shades of gray or tan to paint cabinetry if you’re into neutral hues. You’ll experiment a new dimension of your kitchen without injecting over-the-top color and your room will get more depth and interest.

Not many people don’t  think to paint their kitchen cabinets in a trendy color that is popular these days, because they fear they’ll grow tired of it and want something else. But the beauty of painting cabinets lies exactly in the fact that you can change it next time without much effort. Cabinets refinishing provides the same effect as replacement without resulting an unexpected, huge bill. You can create your kitchen design as extravagant or minimal as you want starting with beautifully resurfaced cabinets. Look at these  gorgeous cabinets to inspire you. See also with what materials can be associated to result a great kitchen design.


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