How To Sell A House Without Making Major Changes On It

When it comes to selling your house, you don’t want it to be the square peg in a round hole with it’s chipping paint, overgrown yard and broken fixtures.

While prepping up your house before selling, you don’t have to do extensive renovations and make everything appear intact, bright and shiny. Also, most homeowners who are planning to sell their house do not have the money to fix these problems.

Luckily, you don’t have to do many repairs, for there are ways to sell your house without breaking the bank in making significant changes to it before selling. And here are some ways to help you do that:

Look Into Buyers In Your Area

In selling your fixer-upper, keep in mind that three kinds of prospective buyers would be willing to take on a house that needs work, and they are the following: 


These are agents who are eager to buy homes and remodel them to be sold later on with a profit. They usually ‘flip’ houses by sort of beautifying, tidying, and adding cosmetic or structural aspects to the house, and sell them in the shortest possible time for profits. 

Deal Hunters

Deal hunters are buyers that are in the neighborhood but can’t abide by the listing price. Thus, they are on the lookout for a modest house, and most of the time are willing to buy homes that need significant fixes and renovations.  

Moreover, most deal hunters are interested in the location and not the house. They are eager to invest money in specific properties considering the prime neighborhood and where the home sits on the map. 


These are people who want to get into a home with a clean slate to make it their own. Especially in the sought-after neighborhoods, these remodelers work like flippers. However, remodelers are more keen on doing major renovations and fixing all aspects in need of repairs to make the house more habitable. They can sell a home by making it as good as new. 

If any of these are the typical buyers in your neighborhood, you are in the right place. And if you need to sell your house fast in the vicinity of Salt Lake City, Utah, or the neighboring cities, you can always call and ask for advice from Axess Home Buyers.

Now that you have the gist about the buyers around your area, you can use these simple tips to help sell your house that might be in need of a little upgrade. 

Clean Up The Area Around The House

In cleaning up and tidying your yard, you don’t have to spend crazy money on lavish landscaping upgrades. Simply clean up the weeds, mow the lawn, and add a few flower pots. The house facade is the first thing buyers would set their eyes on the moment they make house trips. First impressions are essential, so you may want to create a positive impression by having a clean and tidy yard. 

Make Small Changes

Small fixes like patching holes, deep cleaning stained tubs and toilets, fixing broken doors and hinges are cheap and easy DIY repairs that make a difference. 

The buyer will see minor repairs as big projects and this could affect your sales price. Thus, it would be good on your part to handle minor repairs that won’t cost much but would fetch you a higher level on the price list.

Highlight Notable Features Of Your House

It is true that buyers can change some features of the house down the road, but if they prefer the floor plan and the house for what it is, they are more likely to close the deal. 

Highlight things like closet sizes, the master suite, fireplaces, and floor plans. A house that has stood with remarkable foundations in a desirable neighborhood is more important to buyers than easy cosmetic upgrades. 

Bring Up Renovation Loans

A renovation loan on your listings is one useful tool you can use to sell your fixer-upper fast. Buyers can factor the projected renovation cost into their total loan amount rather than paying to make these upgrades separately. 

There would be some workarounds for the buyers to get approved, but it’s worth bringing up your renovation loans to prospects. It would be good if you work with a realtor to make sure that your listing includes terms about a renovation loan. Your real estate agents can also spread the word about the renovation loan during showings and open houses. 

Buyers will be willing to buy your fixer-uppers if they know that there are resources available to help them through. 

Price It Right

With your realtor, try to calculate the value of your house if it were to be remodeled. Assess the costs for your area with your agent, then obtain an estimate of all the necessary expenses to reach that desired condition for your house. 

Whatever the buyer would need to assimilate should be withheld from the worth of your house. You don’t want to overprice a home that needs work because it will just sit on the market, but underpricing risks your profit. Thus, you would need expert advice from real estate agents to price your home right.


With a little fix, amazing cleaning tricks, and a great real estate agent, your house will sell even if it requires some work. 

Think about the strategies mentioned above on how to sell your home as it is before going on the market. 

This could have a substantial impact on your success in selling your house. Take the action steps today that would set you up for success tomorrow.


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