The Best Plants for a Small Apartment

While the most impressive plants require space in your yard, specific type of ground, certain fertilizing and watering modes, they may be worth sparing their square feet. But what if you don’t have those square feet to spare? It doesn’t sentence you to living in a concrete and plastic hell.

Here we talk of the best plants that fit well even within one room. Even if you have a great garden, you may get interested in having this in your working or dining room to make it greener. If any of them caught your eye and your heart, on you can read more on any of them.

Jade Plant

One of people’s favorites nowadays originates from South Africa where it grows in the wild. But for you, it may originate from a store or from your friend’s flowerpot. Its coin-like thick green leaves provided it with an alias, so many call it “money plant”. Some consider it brings financial success; as for us, it’s rather better air quality and the habit of taking care of it that helps you in earning as well.

It doesn’t require frequent watering, feels well in average size pots, and looks recognizable. If you forget to water it once in a while, it won’t immediately lay down and dry. But it may grow up to six feet high; if it does, you better browse your friends in case someone still waits to be jadified.

African Violets

Unlike jade plants, these are African even by the name. But it’s the case when “afro” means anything but “black”. If it gets you confused, call them saintpaulias. Maybe you have received one or more for Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, or Easter.

The best thing about these colorful, bright and catchy flowers is being small. Not are they only 6-inch-high at best. They also require little soil to flourish on. A pot can be positioned on your desk, on a windowsill, and even on your desktop computer. Even a greater thing is that you may have multiple African violets. Unlike jade plants that all look basically the same, each saintpaulia is individual, with its own color and shape. And if you suddenly buy more of them than you actually wanted, well, you don’t need a reason to present one to someone close.

Spider Plants

Also known as a ribbon plant, it doesn’t require much space or soil either. Neither does it grow up to the ceiling, staying in pots and reaching up to 18 inch high (though the tallest we’ve seen was about 14 inch). And yes, they do look like green spiders with dozens of legs – at least, so it seems when you see its long leaves spreading around the stem.

You won’t have to spend your days watering it by the schedule. Twice a week is enough, and even if you miss one time while away, it won’t be fatal. Yes, it is just as wild as it looks, in terms of survival. That doesn’t mean though that you may forget about the plant since you have installed it. Anyway, its appearance won’t let you.

Last but not least: one of its aliases is spider ivy. What a great name for a hero… or a villain! Neither Marvel nor DC is planning such a crossover, but I guess fic writers might have been inspired by this plant.


One of the most remarkable things about pothos is not its thick structure, or its leaves of intense green color, or its origins on a small Mo’orea island. The best thing about it is that it requires little soil, down to none! On we have an instruction on growing it just in water.

If you prefer more traditional ways, you can have it in small pots (pot-ho-s?) But soil isn’t nevessary at all; glass jars with water will do the trick. The rest of the elements necessary can be absorbed just from the air. Pothos isn’t about pathos, so the worst thing to do with it is misspelling.


Of course, there are more plants to grow within a small apartment. You can read about them on – at least about those we had spent some time with. Make your life greener, breathe fresher, and plant the seeds of your happiness – literally!


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