How To Use Paint To Make Any Small Space Look Bigger

Painting a space to make it look bigger requires that you have taken some steps to make the room cast shadows in a certain way.  You need to use certain colors to make the room look larger, and you have to work hard at painting in a way that will help to expand the little bit of space that you have.  The paint job that you do is only effective if you have planned it ahead of time. These few steps make it easier for you to get the results that you need.

  1.  Checking The Size Of Your Space

Fox Transportable and demountable allows you to check the exact size of the room.  When you know this, you know how much work you need to put into make the room look larger.  Plus, you can see how the dimensions might be a little strange when you are trying to plan which paint to buy and how to use it.  

  1.  Buy A Good Primer

Primer does not make your room look bigger, but it makes your paint more effective.  You need to get a primer that will make the wall completely white, and you can paint over that with a much richer color.  You can now plan to make the room look bigger because you know how long the room is and have a reliable color once you have painted.  

  1.  Light At The End Of The Tunnel

You could paint the long walls in the room a darker color, and you can leave the far end of the room while.  It looks like the room is tapering to the color on the other end of the room. This makes the room look very long, and it will make you feel like you are in a cave.

  1.  Paint On Wall In A Mural Or Pattern

Painting one wall in a pattern or mural is something that you have seen on TV, and it will make that backside of the room to look very large.  You are taking way the sinking feeling of four walls that are all the same color. That makes it much easier for you to feel like the wall is not so close to you.  

  1.  Lighter Colors

Darker colors on all four walls are going to look very menacing, and that can make it very hard for you to be in the room because it almost feels like the room is getting smaller.  This can make it worse when you are trying to get to sleep because to room feels like a bubble that you cannot escape. Light colors make the room feel more open, and you will have an expanding cloud of space because the corners are not so defined and sharp.

The room that you are decorating should be treated with care because every decorating tip you use makes it look bigger, more interesting, and adds a lot of color that you need if you want to make the house more valuable.


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