Tools for architects. A short overview of 3D design-oriented pieces of software.

The world of design and architecture is constantly changing and what was deemed to be efficient and optimal only 10 years ago may now turn out to be completely insufficient, especially when it comes to pieces of computer software allowing for 3D designing. Old applications tend to offer too limited options to be used professionally and may not include certain modules making the work of an expert notably easier and more pleasant.  That’s why, together with the 3d visualizations Drowart Company dealing with 3d designing for architects, we have prepared a short list of the best tools for architects that are currently available on the market and which will surely satisfy every graphic artist professionally dealing with.

  • Revit – it is our personal favorite, for this piece of software offers everything that a real professional needs and more. It allows for designing, planning, and properly supervising the consecutive stages of a construction or interior design process. What is even more important, its database is exceptionally vast and incorporates information on the structure, composition, and specific features of every building block utilized to create a project.

  • SketchUp – even though this piece of software has less functionalities than the one discussed above, it can perform very well while designing building interiors and exteriors, especially thanks to its user-friendly interface and the simplicity of use. Forget about strangely placed icons, hidden menus, and functions that require a separate tutorial to be used properly. In the case of SketchUp, you receive a fully-fledged products made by architects for architects!
  • Rhino3D – this application is considered to be the most flexible and versatile one out of dozens available on the market and it is really hard to argue with that. Developers have known how to prepare a highly professional product for their audience and it shows. Rhino3D supports a myriad of various CAD file formats and is regularly updated, which makes it a strong competitor.

  • Archicad – the application is fully capable of creating both two-dimensional and three-dimensional models, but it has to be stated in all fairness that interior designers, as well as architects will rather utilize it to make the latter. What should definitely be taken into account is software’s high performance, even while creating highly complex and multi-layered designs for customers.
  • 3ds Max – this piece of software is probably well known to individuals interested in entertainment, moviemaking, and computer game creation, for it is typically utilized there, but we can ensure you that it may be as effective while taken advantage of to create stunningly looking exteriors and captivating interiors of houses and offices!

We have to inform our readers at this point that the list below presents only some popular applications that can be used for designing and 3D rendering. Also, there are some freeware alternatives available, which may not be as powerful, but may be of use while just starting off as an architect or learning how to properly use various CAD tools. Who knows, maybe we devote a separate article to them!  


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