Since every individual is taking the advantage from the internet, in this way, how can the businesses stay behind?

Mothers, students, and men at work rather everyone is just busy using internet for different purposes. Internet has many impacts on the businesses today. Actually, businesses have shaped themselves very differently. E-commerce is the new and better way to initial a valuable business. Buying and selling is becoming so convenient to both the consumers and companies. The walled-shops are now web-stores. None of the business wants to only serve in real. Everyone is finding ways to go online so that more customers can approach the products.

Moreover, the delivery system after the purchase from online stores has advanced technology of tracking the parcel to be delivered. It might have ended jobs of many but has given business to numerous people. In this regard small business is somehow suffering a lot. The local business of any country suffers a big deal for surviving in real shops. It has now become extremely hard to compete with these emerging markets on internet.

How has internet helped businesses?

Countries are getting the advantages in many ways. Businesses are benefiting themselves by capturing more customers and retaining the old ones. To understand the importance of internet in business, it is sensible to keenly observe the inventions of Digital marketing, internet banking, and e-commerce business models. The internet is serving in the best ways it can. As it is a useful platform to utilize for advertising, offering and selling the products. Business communication has fasten and it now on its peak.

The internet is commonly helping in many ways some of them are:

  1. Well managed systems
  2. Production
  3. Evaluation of products
  4. Selling and purchasing
  5. Accounts management
  6. Tax filling
  7. Clients and customers services

The high-speed internet is helpful in speeding up the production. Moreover, it has totally changed the traditional methods of working inside the offices and the ongoing operations to bring innovations in every type of business

How it has negatively affects the businesses?

When the internet is serving people in all possible ways, it has brought many difficulties for the businesses to retain. The businesses are compelled to buy many equipments, updated machines, and softwares. On one side the cost of labor might be decreasing but the cost of machines and softwares is not a minor expense.

The worst scenario is faced by the small businesses because the local and small businesses cannot compete with the merging market on internet. People prefer to order online staying a home. Those available online are able to grab the market of small businesses. It is implemented on local country business and worldwide also. The undeveloped countries are facing internal issues and are curbed to enter the foreign market. The joint venture might help such countries but currently a case of Barzani’s corruption came up in Iraq. The France’s telecom Orange with Kuwaiti company Agility invested in Iraq’s telecommunication firm Korek. Unfortunately, this joint venture couldn’t work for a long time. This small business of Iraq became a victim of its own people. And this is why the other small businesses in the world not growing.


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