Wardrobes that fit your lifestyle

 It’s no doubt that a wardrobe in a bedroom is as important as the sofa. But yet so many of us don’t take out time to go for the best. It is surprising how we focus so much on buying properties, cars, and other things we want, that we end up forgetting the basic furniture – a wardrobe.

Now getting the best wardrobe would depend on preference, space and of course your budget. It isn’t wise to break the bank just because you want a fancy wardrobe.

Keep in mind that buying a wardrobe isn’t as easy as just walking into any furniture store and picking the first wardrobe insight. Before getting any wardrobe, you should consider your current lifestyle and your personality to get it right.

Walk-in wardrobes

Walk-in wardrobes are speedily becoming a trend. They prioritize hanging space for your clothes and jewelry collection. You get to store similar items in one place for full visibility, that way all your items are neatly organized. A walk-in wardrobe is a perfect choice if you want a wardrobe where you get to showcase all your beautiful collections while providing the utmost care for your clothes.

Almost everyone wants a walk-in wardrobe, who wouldn’t? Well, it isn’t enough to love it; do you have the space for something as luxurious as that?

Sliding wardrobes

Do you want a big sized wardrobe because you have large amounts of clothes? If yes, then we recommend this. A sliding door wardrobe is also a smart choice if you don’t have enough door space in your bedroom. With sliding wardrobes, you can get in and out of your closet without wasting any time. Having this type of wardrobe would come in handy if you share a closet with your partner, you can easily section each side for yourselves.  Wardrobes with sliding doors in London are in demand now.

Corner wardrobes

A corner wardrobe is not as functional as a walk-in wardrobe, but it is efficient in small bedrooms. In most cases, there are alcoves in small bedrooms; if that is the case then it’s the perfect spot for a corner wardrobe. So if you have a compact bedroom, then you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to get one. Alternatively, you can add pegs or hooks to create more space for your bags, belts, and other accessories.

Hinged wardrobes

Not everyone likes wardrobes that conceal one side of the wardrobes like sliding wardrobes. With hinged wardrobes, it is easier to get the entire view when you open the doors of the wardrobe. Also, you can even hang your belts, scarves and other accessories on the back of the door. Hinged doors have been around for a very long time, so it comes with a lot of spectacular designs. If you want a contemporary look, you can opt for metal-framed shutters. Getting this type of wardrobe for a small bedroom would involve planning so the doors would not obstruct movements. You can contact our professionals at FCI London to help you make the right choice.


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