Ingenious Faceted Cork Case for iPad by Pomm

We’re sure that eco conscious people who always love to add a touch of green to their loved gadgets will be pleased to find out about this ingenious cork case that fits perfectly with the new iPad and iPad2. iCorkCase was envisioned by the Portuguese design studio Pomm, who wanted to create something unique and entirely new to revolutionize the standard accessories available for  iPads on the market today, and we think they manage to create a rather original  and eco-friendly iPad case with a very stylish look.

Although it isn’t the lightest or the slimmest accessory for your gadget, the sturdy slip-in case could well be one of the greenest accessories because it’s made entirely of cork, a biodegradable and ecological  material widely used in the design’s world these days. Versatile, naturally shock-absorbent, durable, water-resistant and high resistant to daily use, cork provides a substantial protection against the hazards of everyday schlepping and it really looks quite modern with the interesting geometric design  that goes beyond the formal visual plan. Featuring a single slit opening at the top and a small cut-out at the bottom that allows the device to be removed with a single finger, the cork case is consciously designed with with a primary focus to protect the content and with the user in mind. With iCordCase your iPad will surely looks and feels a lot greener.

Photos © Pomm

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