Unique 3D Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Holidays are approaching and everywhere we look this time of year we see Christmas tree decoration ideas, home decorations for winter, Christmas gifts, Christmas recipes and so on. It’s so beautiful to see how everything around us is liven up by hundreds of colorful lights and people rushing to buy gifts and decorations to greet the holidays with a festive home. The Christmas tree is the centerpiece of any home during winter season and everybody loves to decorate it as beautiful as possible each year.


We’re sure some of you are looking this year for trendy innovative ways to dress their Christmas tree and we want share with you some very original Christmas balls with unconventional creative design we received from Italian company .exnovo. These wonderful series named “Christmas Tree”, which belongs to the their exclusive “Bijouets” collection, are made using the same innovative Professional 3D Printing technology they used to design these gorgeous vases we told you in a previous article. Like every single piece of the .exnovo’s portofolio, these eye-catching white like snow tree ornaments are the result of a great combination of creativity, the most innovative and forefront technology and the handcraft ability, so they will definitely bring an innovative and  fanciful touch to your Christmass tree. Like small treasures with 3D interesting patterns, they will surely light up your Christmas. They are realized in sintered polyamide and are available in two sizes – 62 e 78 mm in diameter. They could be a beautiful gift for someone this Christmas, what do you say?






 Photos © .exnovo

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