Ingenious Way to Incorporate Plywood Into Your Décor

Looking for ways to incorporate plywood into your décor? Here’s what we found to inspire you this time: “Sending Animals” -a cool series of storage units that will definitely make your space stands out. The project belongs to Italian designer Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba, and like his entire portofolio, it consists of unique pieces of design enriched with artistic concepts  due to its background in production of art and fine arts.

Exploring relationships between Man and Nature, he interprets both beauties and dynamics of nature in a very original manner, coming up with eccentric ideas for interior design and not only.


The great attraction he has on animals and their shapes led him to create “Sending Animals” collection, a new take on the design of conventional storage furniture pieces. Three silhouettes of farm animals – a cow, pig and goose – interestingly compartmentalized will display a playful rural appeal, whlist make themselves useful in your kitchen, living room or bedroom. Thanks to its small height and a pull out drawer, the goose is perfect as a low side table in a bedroom.

On the other hand, pig and cow are large enough to serve as console tables, sideboards, kitchen cabinets or just as a fun décor elements. Made from plywood, these lovely silhouettes of farm animals help you have an organized urban life, matching many styles of interior design like traditional, shabby chic, industrial or modern.



Photos © Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba


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