Peru Influences and Inspiration – Prehistoric Aliens by Glimpt

Products that celebrate handmade craft and design are one-of-a-kind objects, their uniqueness being among their greatest appeal. There are not two handmade items that are the same, which makes each one of them very special indeed. Maybe the confluence of mass produced, product lines and easily accessible design objects which we found nowadays made us appreciate once again the beauty of handmade pieces of furniture.

They seems to speak to us on an inexplicable level, moving us in both intangible and profound ways. Whether it’s the expressiveness of a pattern, the feel of a certain texture on our fingertips or the knowledge that they are only available in
limited quantities, handmade objects share always stories behind their amazing designs.


The story behind the “Prehistoric Aliens”, the brand new collection of Glimpt design studio, starts in Peru where Swedish design pair Mattias Rask and Tor Palm worked closely with skilled artisans from Artesanos Don Bosco, whose high standards of craftsmanship impressed them very much. Meeting Peru’s fantastic cultural heritage, their people and experiencing their work, those from Glimpt manage to create innovative and highly original products surrounded by a mystical and ancient aura.

Infused with Peruvian exclusive technique of carving pictures in wood, “Prehistoric Aliens” is a modern collection of small coffee tables resembling small spaceships that have just landed, with their leader, The Robot. They feature beautiful handmade patterns carved in wood, which are gorgeously accentuated by eye-catching colored paint on whose surface it’s created a lovely play of lights and shadows.  These small coffee tables are ideal companions for a stylish modern living room, adding a bit of Peruvian flavour.




Photos © Glimpt



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